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Giant Gummy King Snakes Now Available!

Giant Gummy King Snakes make for a great gift for your reptile lover. The Gummy Snake is approximately 29 inches long and weighs 1 ½ pounds. The Gummy Snake comes in 4 colorful flavor combinations. These Giant Gummy King Snakes are gluten free and have a 1

iGotz Feetz Vending Capsules Available Now!

Got Feetz? has a great new pencil topper for your 2” Bulk Vending Machines. It’s called igotz feetz and its really fun. There are 6 different figurines to collect all with their own unique personality in 6 different colors. From the funky hair on the top

Order DC Comics Superheroes Pocket Projectors!

We just got some really cool new toys into our warehouse. The DC Superheroes Pocket Projectors are here. They can clip on to the kids backpacks or zipper pulls or even their belt loops. Supermen, Batman, Aqua Man, Green Lantern, Flash & Wonder Woman are the super

Order A Popcorn Machine Today!

Popcorn Machine- It seems like popcorn from the microwave doesn’t quite measure up to popcorn from a classic popcorn machine. I know everyone would like a popcorn machine in their home, home theater, or office. Here at we now sell those classic looking popcorn machines! They

Order Xoddo’s Vending Capsules Today!

Xoddo’s are squishy Pencil Toppers that come in twelve scary or sweet characters.  The concept is great and soon to catch the eyes of every child around.  The way Xoddo’s works is to find a 1” or 2” capsule from the Vending Machine and scan the QRC

Buy SpongeBob SquarePants Foam Balls!

Sponge Bob Square Pants Foam Balls are a self-vending item that vends for a $1.00. Sponge Bob and his pal Patrick Star come in a 51mm squeezable Foam Ball. There are 12 different funny faces and poses to collect from these crazy, lovable characters on the wildly

NBA Finger Bands Now Available!

NBA Finger Bands For all the basketball fans out there, have you seen the NBA Finger Bands with authentic colors and logos? They come in 3 styles and are just like what the NBA Pros wear. They come packaged in a 250 count bag with all 30

Go Back In Time With Smurf Figurines!

People are always trying to relive their childhood and with these new toys for my bulk vending machine, I can. now has Smurf Figurines available to vend in your Tomy Machines and 2” Capsule Machines. These fun Smurf figurines are based on the 2011 movie but