Day of The Dead

El Dia De Los Muertos -
Is a week of celebrating the death of a loved one, friends or someone that was close to your heart. You play music, eat, drink and talk to the dead like they are still on earth. This is a traditional Mexican holiday with a lot of celebrating. It starts the day of Halloween and ends on November 2. It sounds creepy to some people but to others it is a day of remembrance and good times. You celebrate this day either at the cemetery or at home. One day is to celebrate the infants and youth that have passed and the second day is for adults. In Mexico they make little shrines of their loved one inside the home or outside in the front yards which are made with lots of candles and pictures. It’s always nice to have treats around and I find many at

Why Vending? – Part 3

Vending As A Business:

The vending machine industry has been around for years and it is a huge multi-billion dollar a year industry. Americans love our fast food and our candy fixes almost as much as we love ourselves. Chewing gumballs bring back so many wonderful and happy memories for so many of us. This doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Place vending machines in a location with high foot traffic and you could be on your way to an extra $10K or more a year, AND THAT’S JUST WITH ONE MACHINE IN ONE LOCATION!

*Potential Gross Profit Chart for many of our
Candy and Gumball Machines
Gumball Cost = $.03
Gumball Price = $.25
Gumball Profit = $.22

If your Gumball Machine sells…

Gumballs Per Day

x 22 Cents Profit

Per Month Profit

Per Year Profit










































These projections are only mathematical calculations to assist a prospective purchaser in projecting income potentials based on the assumed number of machines and vends shown, and are not to be held as a promise or implication of earnings for any vending machine purchased.  No promise is made of any minimum or maximum number of vends per machine.  No assurance is given that any purchaser will be able to realize a part of these projected figures.  These do not reflect any variables such as servicing expenses, license fees, commissions, salaries, and any other miscellaneous expenses.

Why Vending? – Part 2

The vending industry is nearly a 28 billion dollar a year industry. Vending machines are HUGELY popular. You see them everywhere from your local grocery store to even your office break room. The reason you see them everywhere is because they make money, the all CASH BUSINESS kind of money.  No checks, no accounts receivable, no IOU’s – Pure Cash and don’t kid yourself, quarters add up!

Check out Harris telling you how!

Why Vending? – Part 1


There is no physical or age discrimination in the vending business. If you like candy, gumballs or even toys you already have it made. Young or old, male or female, able-bodied or disabled, anyone can run a vending route. There is no special training required for the vending machine business. This is a business opportunity where if you can dream it, you can achieve it. The basic concept of vending is very easy, you purchase your machines, place your machines locally, fill your machines and then when you go back to fill your machines again in a few weeks YOU COLLECT THE CASH!!!

Start small. There is no need to get 20 machines and have them sit in your basement until you are ready to move. does not have a minimum order so get one machine, (we like our Triple Time) and make sure that you like it too!

Question and Answers about Bulk Vending

Question & Answer Time:

Bulk Vending

Can I operate this business from my house?

Yes. Absolutely! Since you are placing your machines in other locations there is no need for you to have a store front or show room. The most that you will need is a place to store any machines or refill supplies you may have. Most people use the garage or basement.


Can I Do This Business Part Time?

Yes. This is your business your hours. You will need to calculate your time for travel to and from your locations as well as the time you need to service the machines when you get there. Shopping won’t take long because we will send you whatever you need once you place your order on our website!


How Good Is The Cash Flow?

This is an all cash business so by definition it has the cash flowing. How much cash you have flowing will depend on how many machines you have out and the foot traffic at each of your locations.


Do I Have To Sell?

Not in the traditional sense. You place your machines on location and your machines do all the selling for you. They are the perfect employees! They work 24 hours a day and never need a break or get tired!


Where do I buy my candy, gumballs and other refill products?

You can order online at our site or call the office at 800-853-3941. Our staff loves helping people fill their machines and talking about the latest and greatest items in inventory

Cotton Candy Machines now available!

Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine - w/ Metal Bowl

Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine – w/ Metal Bowl – Click Here to Buy!

I Smell Cotton Candy!

Growing up I LOVED the summer carnivals we would have in my little town. All of the local clubs got together and would have booths set up where they would sell food and drinks to raise money. While my grandfather’s lemonade booth was my favorite a close second was the cotton candy booth! I would love watching them turn on that machine and the color would just start coming out of this thing in the most beautiful fluffy streams. I was hooked! That image has stayed with me forever. now sells cotton candy machines! Yep! You can use these machines at your school carnivals, church bazars or even at your kids (ok yours too) birthday party! They have everything from the machines with a cart or machines without a cart to the cotton candy floss and the paper cones to hold it on. Check it out.

P.S. If the machine isn’t your style but the taste is, they have cotton candy bulk candy and sour cotton candy gumballs!

Order a Popcorn Machine now!

Movie Matinee Popcorn Machine - 8 oz. with Cart

Movie Matinee Popcorn Machine – 8 oz. with Cart – Click Here to Buy!


One of my favorite things to do is to go to the movies with my friends and family and it’s not for the movie. It’s for the fresh popcorn! I love the popcorn from the movies so much that this year I am asking my family to get me my very own popcorn machine for my birthday. I can’t wait. has a great selection of popcorn machines for your home theater or family room as well as for your school carnival or church bazar. They also offer a great selection of products to use with the machines.  These great looking popcorn machines will make any event or room feel special!

Buy Clear and Cool Rings Jewelry Vending Capsules!

Clear and Cool Rings Jewelry Vending Capsules

Clear and Cool Rings Jewelry Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

Clear and Cool rings are a series of transparent acrylic rings that are beautifully painted on the inside. They come in all different shapes.

The Clear and Cool Rings conveniently come in 2” Capsules ready to vend. will help you with all your vending needs and questions.