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Coin Counter and Sorter

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Complete solution
Counting coins can be a very time-consuming and tedious task. The Cassida C200 is an all-in-one solution for any coin handling need. It will count and sort all your coins at once. Coins can be sorted into designated coin bins, or can be directly put into coin rolls. Need to batch? No problem. The machine will stop exactly when you need it to. Need to see how many dimes it counted? You got it. How about the dollar amount of counted dimes? – it is there too… Whatever you need to do with your coins look no further. Cassida’s C200 can do it all.

Wrapping coins
If you need to make coin rolls, just replace the coin bins with the supplied coin tubes. Coins are then sorted and counted directly into paper roll wrappers. Pressing a shortcut button once automatically sets batch quantities for all coin denominations and the C200 then automatically stops and notifies you when a particular coin roll is full.

Quiet and portable
The Cassida 200 has a large, easy-to-read LED display, is quiet in operation and with a built-in steel handle ready to travel whenever you are.

Shimmer Silver Stars Candy

Shimmer Silver Stars Candy by the Pound

Shimmer Silver Stars Candy by the Pound – Click Here to Buy!

Star shaped pressed candies with a silver shimmering  glossy coat are perfect for weddings, the  25TH wedding anniversary, graduation, and other extra special events that call for a little more sparkle. These shimmer silver star shaped sweet candies can be purchased by the pound and will impress your guests when you serve them in a dessert buffet or candy dish centerpiece. has Silver Stars available by the case too.

Buy a Giant Gummy King Snake!

Giant Gummy King Snake

Giant Gummy King Snake- Click Here to Buy!

Gummy Bears are cute and great for some people…  But how about this KING SNAKE!! It’s perfect for the men in your life who have everything.  Best of all, you will not have to worry about it crawling into your bed. Well, at least it won’t bite you if it does.  Make sure you check out the full line of Gummy Candy. I can always find new candy gift ideas from the gals at

Order a Cotton Candy Machine!

Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine w/ Metal Bowl

Spin Magic Cotton Candy Machine w/ Metal Bowl – Click Here to Buy!

Cotton Candy ~ Vending Success

Cotton candy is a wonderful airy and fluffy sugar treat.  It is served at nearly all carnivals, street fairs and some movie theaters. It is a big seller all around the country and can be found at candy shops and amusement parks. carries a line of floss spinning Cotton Candy Machines  and supplies.

Machine-spun cotton candy was introduced in 1897 by two Tennessee candy-makers, William Morrison and John C. Warton. In 1904, they took their “fairy floss” cotton candy to the St. Louis World’s Fair where Morrison and Wharton meet with high demand and sold more than 68,000 boxes at 25 cents each. That was half the price of admission to the fair and visitors were willing to pay it. During the six months of the fair, they grossed approximately $17,000. With inflation that would equate $370,000 in today’s terms. A real vending success!

A year later, a candy store purchased a machine and started selling the fairy floss for five to ten cents a serving. The treat was referred to as spun sugar, candy floss, or fairy floss until the early 1920s, when the new name of “cotton candy” started to become the more popular term due to its similar appearance to a bloom of cotton.

Ever wonder what happens inside the cotton candy machine? First, sugar is melted until it becomes a liquid. Then, the liquid sugar is spun as the machine forces it through tiny holes that shape and cool the liquid. After it cools, the sugar becomes a solid again.  The thousands of tiny crystallized sugar threads are then collected by gently rotating a paper cone around the inside of the machine. Once the puff of cotton candy is a large fluffy ball – it’s served.

Cotton candy, just like sugar, is white. Pink and blue cotton candy is colored with food dyes.  The biggest advances in cotton candy production have actually been the addition of colors and flavors. There are a variety of Flufftastic Floss flavors and colors; Pink Vanilla Cloud, Cheery Cherry, and Blue Raspberry Bomb all made with real sugar–no high fructose corn syrup!

Each quart makes approximately 30-40 Cotton Candy cones. A pint makes about 15-20 Cotton Candy cones.

Sweet Facts:

There is only one ingredient in cotton candy: sugar.

There is about as much sugar in cotton candy as in a can of soda.

National Cotton Candy Day is celebrated on November 7 each year.

Giant PEZ Dispensers at!

Giant PEZ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Giant PEZ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Click Here to Buy!

Looking for a unique birthday gift? has some fun giant pez dispensers to offer. These are great for any collector and sure to make the kid in all of us smile. Choose from Darth Vader, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Wolverine, Hello Kitty or Santa. They are about 12” tall and take regular pez candy. Place your order right away as supplies are limited.

Buy Shimmer Gold Stars Candy!

Shimmer Gold Stars Candy

Shimmer Gold Stars Candy – Click Here to Buy!

Shiny Gold Star Candy for upscale events and special occasions. This special candy is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and birthdays. Pair the gold glossy star shaped ½ candies with a Candy Machine, making it perfect for your special event.  Contact us at or call 800-853-3941, we would love to help you out!

Buy iErase Mini App Erasers!

iErase Mini App Erasers Vending Capsules

iErase Mini App Erasers Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

iErase Mini App Erasers Capsules

Made a mistake on your homework? Now there’s an app for that too! These fun little erasers are made to look like iPhone or iPad app icons and are functional for tweens, teens, and even adults. With over 12 different erasers they are fun to collect and trade. These would be great for your classroom treasure box or your bulk vending machine.

Each eraser comes in an acorn shaped 1.1” capsule contains with clear tops and brightly colored bottoms. Every bag of iErase mini app erasers offers a fun mix of 250 toy capsules which are pre-filled for your convenience making it quick and easy to load into your bulk vending machine. These toy filled capsules are ready to vend and will dispense in machines with a 1” capsule or gumball vending wheel. They are recommended to vend for 25¢.

Needs some more ideas? Contact the staff at!

Grumpy Cat Vending Stickers!

Grumpy Cat Vending Stickers

Grumpy Cat Vending Stickers – Click Here to Buy! is pleased to offer the new line of Grumpy Cat licensed stickers. Grumpy Cat is hugely popular with his constant sour face and sarcastic rhetoric kids of all ages enjoy his one-liners. With over 12 different designs you are sure to get repeat business from collectors.

These vending machine stickers are made specifically to vend in most standard sticker or tattoo flat vending machines. Each sticker is packaged in an individual cardboard folder measuring approximately 4 1/2 x 3 inches and are ready to easily load or refill your bulk machines.

Need a machine for vending these stickers? Contact the staff at!