Too Much Candy?

Candy By The Pound - Chewy Spree

Candy By The Pound – Chewy Spree

Is it possible to have too many candy choices?

Of course, anything is possible! A famous study about jam back in 1995 determined that too many choices could be a hindrance for consumers.

Nowadays it is different because people want variety, we all seem to like to have choices and different selections. To avoid confusion, it’s all in the organization or presentation . Take candy, there is soft and chewy candy, sweet candy, sour candy, hard candy, fruit flavored, sugar free, chocolate and more.

I say there’s always room for more candy choices, and I can always count on the great variety I find at CandyMachines.Com !

Now Selling Teddy Bears Candy!

Shimmer Teddy Bears Candy by the Pound

Shimmer Teddy Bears Candy by the Pound

This candy is a great item for a baby shower candy bar or for party bags. These Shimmer Teddy Bear candies are available to purchase by the pound so you can buy exactly the amount you need. They are a soft color yellow, green and white mix with a fine shimmer finish.

They could also be used in our B.O.B which is a Giant Gummy Bear with a cut out in the center of the belly of the bear that could be used like a tray. This would make an awesome center piece with these Shimmer Teddy Bear candies . Visit to see all kinds of assorted candy available for all occasions.

Shimmer Spring Mix Sixlets Candy Available by the Pound

Shimmer Spring Mix Sixlets Candy by the Pound

Shimmer Spring Mix Sixlets Candy by the Pound

My friend is soon to be married. She is Kosher and wants to provide a Kosher Certified treat that would add a little color to the event. I was given the assignment to find just such a treat and was thrilled to find a Shimmer Spring Mix of Sixlets online at . The Sixlets are a small (about 3/8”) tasty chocolate ball with a colorful and shimmering candy coated shell. The spring mix is a wonderful array of pastel colors; pink, yellow, light green, light blue, purple, and white. We bought 5 pounds and may come back for more.

Buy Rain Blo Gumballs Today!

Rainblo Gumballs - 53 oz. Jar

Rainblo Gumballs – 53 oz. Jar – Click Here to Buy!

I am nostalgic when I see gumballs.  My first was a cherry red Rain-Blo , I got it as a reward from a gumball bank my teacher kept on her desk. I was a very good student after that.

Rain-Blo bubble gum was introduced in 1940.  It was the first gumball with fruity flavors that matched the color of the coating.  Unlike other gumballs of that era, Rain-Blo featured a hollow center.

The 1/2 inch size makes these gumballs perfect for refilling Gumball Banks & Dispensers. offers a fun jar full of an assortment of colorful fruity gumballs. They come in white, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, and – my favorite – red.  Each 53 oz. jar contains approximately 680 gumballs.  Make sure to check out their full line of gumballs for other fun flavors!

You Rock Valentine!

Make your own valentine’s cards for your classmates, friends and family. These go together very quickly and are always a hit with the kids!

•  Go to and order Strawberry Pop Rocks

•  Create text box twice the width of candy and tall enough to cover up all of the miscellaneous cover text in word on your computer.

•  Add text as shown and print. Trim edges with pinking shears.

•  Fold around wrapper and staple at side seam so you do not disturb candy inside.

•  Add three music note punches randomly.

Valentines Candy Buffet

Every year people are enthralled with Valentine’s Day. Children love to celebrate by exchanging cards and adults like to celebrate with dinner and parties. Why not include a Valentine’s themed candy buffet at your next party? has some great Valentine’s candy in perfect colors for your buffet. Whatever you are looking for from Red , White or Pink Gumballs to Red , White or Pink Chocolates, has them. They have also added some great candy hearts in red or the happy hearts valentine’s mix. The new candy they have added to the mix is the Valentine’s Bouquet . You will love it!

If you need your candy by the pound or the case, has you covered!

Vending For Adults!

NorthWestern Capsule Vending Machine

NorthWestern Capsule Vending Machine – Click Here to Buy!

Why not vend Ping Pong Balls, in your neighborhood Tavern? One of the hottest trends for young adults is Beer Pong. The NorthWestern 80 series vending machine is the perfect fit for Ping Pong Balls, Golf Balls, or adult themed 2” toy capsules . Make it a 50 or 75 cent vend and watch the quarters build up in the machine. Call 24 Hour order Line to purchase this machine.

What is a “Rack” in Bulk Vending?

4 Column Trio

4 Column Trio – Click Here to Buy!

In bulk vending a rack is the most common way that vending machines are displayed at a location. It is can also be called a "step stand". The rack accommodates 2” capsule machines on the top and bulk vending machines on the bottom. The standard bulk vending machines will vend 1” gumballs , 1” toy capsules, 1” jawbreakers , 1” bouncy balls or bulk candy . Most racks are the same height, but the width is different based on the number of machines you are putting on it. Different sizes are referred to by the number of machines on the rack. For example, 3 rack, 5 rack , 7 rack and 9 rack . has some great racks available. Give our great office staff a call and they can help you find the right fit for you.