SpongeBob SquarePants Tongue Tuggers Vending Capsules

SpongeBob Tongue Tuggers Vending Capsules

SpongeBob Tongue Tuggers Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

Candymachines.com is proud to offer the newest 2” toy. Sponge Bob Square Pants Tongue Tuggers. These cute happy faces have tongues that you can stretch and pull to the amazement and delight of everyone around. With 12 different expression between SpongeBob and best bud Patrick they are great to collect and trade and fun for kids of all ages.

They come in a 2” acorn shaped capsules and vend from one of our great Bulk Toy Vending Machines. Get yours today and watch the fun happen.

Buy MLB Logo Vending Machine Stickers Today!

MLB Logo Vending Machine Stickers

MLB Logo Vending Machine Stickers – Click Here to Buy!

It’s time for the boys of summer to make an appearance and candymachines.com can help your flat vend machines be ready with these great new Baseball Logo Stickers. Sold 300 to a case, these colorful stickers are eye-catching and fun. With all 30 teams to be collected you will for sure have repeat sales. Grab a case now and another to have on hand for an immediate refill.

Don’t forget the display card to help increase your sales.

Teen Princess Dress-Up Vending Stickers Available Now!

Teen Princess Dress-Up Vending Stickers

Teen Princess Dress-Up Vending Stickers – Click Here to Buy!

Growing up I loved Paper Dolls! I would sit and play with them for hours. Sometimes I would even make my own clothes for them. Candymachines.com now has Dress up Stickers. The Teen Princess Dress-Up Stickers are just like the old fashioned paper dolls. Each sticker comes with a doll and different sticker fashion accessories for hours of fun. These will be great in your flat vend sticker machine. They vend for 50 cents – $1 depending on your location and with 12 different teens to collect, they are sure to be a hit. Order a box to fill your flat vend sticker machine now and a 2nd box for refills. Don’t forget your display card to help increase your sales.

Buy A Coin Counting Machine Today!

Manual Coin Counter w/Plastic Case

Manual Coin Counter w/Plastic Case – Click Here to Buy!

Coin Counting – Money in the Bank.

When I asked a Vending professional what she did with all of the loose change from her large stable of vending machines, she replied “It’s not loose change if you sort and roll it!” She went on to explain that the amount and variety of coinage had become too big of a job to do by herself. That is why she invested in a portable coin counter from CandyMachines.com.  The model she is using is a manual machine (LAI-CC-PM) that does everything except take the deposit to the bank!

Compact and portable (10 lbs – 11” x 8” x 8”) the machine has a plastic case to help lighten the load. Manual operation allows the operator to control the speed of the machine (200 – 2,000 pieces per minute). The unit has six auto stops from 20 to 200 coins.  Tubes are provided for wrapping U.S. quarters, dimes, and nickels. Tubes for international currencies can be special ordered.

CandyMachines.com has a variety of electronic and manual coin and bill currency counting machines with a number of cost options. They offer any vendor a faster cash-n-dash.

Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers to Vend!

Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers

Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers – Click Here to Buy!

Looking for something different to vend in your gumball machine other than gumballs? Try these Buzzards Sour Jawbreakers that candymachines.com is offering! They have a great sour candy center. It’s so sour it will knock your socks off! This will be great for kids and teens that seem to like the more sour the better. These jawbreakers come in 5 different speckled colors and great flavors like Tutti Fruit (White), Ice Cream (Cream), Orange (Orange), Strawberry (Pink), and Lemon Lime (Green). These multi-colored jawbreakers come approximately 600 pieces to a case and in one of our larger sizes, 1 3/16” which make them extra-long lasting. They are made by Oak Leaf and Kosher certified.

Vending Machine Tokens

Vending Machine Tokens

Vending Machine Tokens – Click Here to Buy!

Many of our candymachines.com customers don’t know that we also offer the Bulk Vending Tokens to go with our bulk vending machines. While we can get any size token we recommend the .984” since the .984” bulk vending token is the most common and easiest to adapt your bulk vending machine coin mechanisms to.

We have some great choices of designs all listed on our website for you to pick and make your own unique token from our stock images or we can do custom tokens.  All of the .984” bulk vending tokens is sold in lots of 1000. For a quote on a custom design of bulk vending tokens please give our office a call at 800-853-3941 and our sales staff will love to help you.

Bulk Vending Machine Packages

5 Single Barrel Vending Package

5 Single Barrel Vending Package – Click Here to Buy!

Are you ready to start your route? Do you need more than 1 machine? Candymachines.com has Vending Business Packages just for you. These packages save you money and time which is always a great thing for the business owner

From Triple Vending Machines to our classic Whirler Machines, we have the package that is right for you. Our business packages have all the same options as single machines. You can mix colors and dispensing wheels of your machines as well as upgrade the coin mechanisms giving you the ability to control your profits.

Give our office a call at 800-853-3941 and one of our staff will be happy to help you on your road to sweet success!

Vend Jawbreakers instead of Gumballs!

Time Bomb Jawbreakers

Time Bomb Jawbreakers – Click Here to Buy!

Can’t Vend Gumballs?

Got a location that doesn’t want gumballs? Why not try jawbreakers?

Jawbreakers will vend in the current 1” gumball wheel you have as well as some of our great Whirler machines. Candymachines.com has a great selection of jawbreakers and many of them have a great candy center. You can also sell jawbreakers for 50 cents!

Check out our different jawbreakers and let us know if we can help you with anything else!