Order Display Cards with Your Vending Capsules!

Sqwishland Mega Rare Vending Capsules

Sqwishland Mega Rare Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

When should you purchase a display card for your Toy capsule vending machine? A good time to purchase a display card is when you are introducing a new product or switching product.

Display cards are helpful in showing what you’re vending in your machine they are also an added bonus for attracting customers to the product you’re vending.

The Display card is a 3-dimensional live display featuring a sampling of the toys found in the mix.  Simply place the card inside the globe of your toy capsule vending machine.

Display cards help to increase sales and can be purchased with your capsule order.  You will need to display a new card every time you change the type of toy you are vending.  CandyMachines.com has the Toy Capsule Machines as well as hundreds of Toys to choose from.

Plush Toys for your Crane Vending Machines!

Medium Plush Stuffed Toy Mix

Medium Plush Stuffed Toy Mix – Click Here to Buy!


At candymachines.com we get asked a lot about how to tell the size of the plush you are getting for your crane machines. Here is a little bit of helpful information so you know you are getting the correct size.

What is considered a “small” plush?

A small plush item is about the size of a regular soda can. It is about 6”-8”. Some vendors refer to our small plush as “quarter crane”, “single crane” or “super single.

What is considered a “medium” plush?

A medium plush is about the size of a youth football. It will be 8”-10” and have some weight to it and is perfect for medium size claws. Medium plush offers a little more value for your single crane customers due to the size. Sometimes you can save some money in difficult jumbo crane locations be replacing the product with mediums.

What is considered a “jumbo” plush?

A jumbo plush is about the size of a standard basketball. It will be approximately 10”-14” and can only vend in a jumbo crane. The entire mix should be a consistent size and weight.

Buy Jordan Almonds!

Assorted Color Jordan Almonds

Assorted Color Jordan Almonds – Click Here to Buy!

Almonds, Almonds, Almonds

Did you know for 8 years running the top nut in the nut world has been the almond?

California has about 6,000 almond growers that supply all of the US market and about 80% of the world’s market. The almond is the number one nut ingredient found in many foods worldwide and it has become a popular nutritious snacking item.

Besides its popularity as a healthy snack, Jordan Almonds are a sugar coated delicacy used for special occasions and decorating for candy buffets.  The white coated Jordan Almonds is most popular for weddings while the pastel color almonds are used as party favors for baby and bridal showers.

Coated or plain, almonds are the best nuts in town!

Giant Pez Hello Kitty

Pez Giant Hello Kitty

Pez Giant Hello Kitty – Click Here to Buy!

OH MY GOODNESS! We are really excited about this one! Candymachines.com just got these giant Hello Kitty Pez dispensers in. They are about 12” tall and dispense real Pez candy right from the Hello Kitty head. The base of the Pez machine is pretty pink with yellow flowers. This is perfect for any Hello Kitty fan. These are in limited quantities so order yours today!

Buy Good & Plenty Candy!

Good & Plenty Licorice Candy - 5lbs.

Good & Plenty Licorice Candy – 5lbs. – Click Here to Buy!

The old-fashioned soft and chewy licorice candy as Good & Plenty today as it was when you were a kid!

Made by Hershey Candy and is the one of the oldest branded candy in the United States this nostalgic chewy licorice is great to have in a candy dish at home or work. The bright pink and white colors are very eye catching in any vending machine that has a candy dispensing wheel. Be sure to see our full line of candy vending machines.

Recycle 1-inch and 2-inch Vending Capsules


2″ Empty Acorn Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

Are you vending capsules?  Do you stock a rack of combo vending machines?  You might want to consider what many of our clients have been doing – recycling empty capsules.  Some refill with bulk toys, others stuff them with their own items or winning offers like a free slice of pizza.

The method is very basic, just add a small receptacle to your vending area.  Have it clearly labeled “Recycle Empty Capsules Here.” Get creative and decorate it to attract attention to your vending machines.  More and more kids and adults are thinking to recycle and are happy to have a handy place to do it. They get to feel good about the environment and you save some money to use on refill supplies.

Get your Jukebox Gumball Bank Today!

Jukebox Gumball Bank

Jukebox Gumball Bank – Click Here to Buy!

Jukebox Gumball Banks

Just back in the warehouse in time for your gift giving needs is the Jukebox Gumball Bank. This great nostalgic 1950 looking bank is perfect for all the music lovers on your list. The bank is about 9 1/2 “ tall and will hold almost 1lb 1/2 of our Jr. Solid Color assorted gumballs and would be a great addition to your family game room. Quantities are limited so get your now while they are still available.

Need some other gift ideas? Contact our staff at candymachines.com.

Vending Machine Parts

Single Vending Machine

Single Vending Machine – Click Here to Buy!

Call CandyMachines.com for parts for your Gumball Vending Machines, Candy Machines or Toy Capsule Machines.

The customer service and parts department will work with you to figure out what type of part is necessary in keeping your Bulk Vending Machine in tip top shape.  If you did not order your machine with www.CandyMachines.com then take pictures of your machine and email them to info@candymachines.com . Please include your name, phone number and part needed in the body of the email.