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Buy Mini Flashlights Vending Capsules!

Mini Flashlights come in several different shapes and sizes and come on a convenient keychain.  The Mini Flashlights are ready for vending.  They are inside a 2”Capsule, and the mix consists of 250 assorted flashlights. Vend inside your 2” Toy Machine for 50 cents and make a

Buy Clear and Cool Rings Jewelry Vending Capsules!

Clear and Cool rings are a series of transparent acrylic rings that are beautifully painted on the inside. They come in all different shapes. The Clear and Cool Rings conveniently come in 2” Capsules ready to vend. will help you with all your vending needs and

Stock Up on DC Comics Erasers!

DC Comics Super Hero Erasers NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA BATMAN! BATMAN! – I can’t stop singing that silly song! My son just got a really cool Batman eraser out of a vending machine. He wanted more quarters to go back and try

Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoos Vending Capsules

The Popular Movie Kung Fu Panda has come out with a Kung Fu Panda Mini Tattoo that you can vend in a 2” Capsule. The temporary tattoos come in action-packed poses of Po and his wildly funny friends. The Capsules comes pre-filled for you convenience and is

Buy Glow Rings Vending Capsules Today!

Glow Rings for a very special occassion- My husband is very sentimental. For our first year anniversary of dating he wanted to return to site of our first date – our favorite pizza place. He can also be very spontaneous. After we ordered the usual fare, he

Too Much Candy?

Is it possible to have too many candy choices? Of course, anything is possible! A famous study about jam back in 1995 determined that too many choices could be a hindrance for consumers. Nowadays it is different because people want variety, we all seem to like to

Now Selling Teddy Bears Candy!

This candy is a great item for a baby shower candy bar or for party bags. These Shimmer Teddy Bear candies are available to purchase by the pound so you can buy exactly the amount you need. They are a soft color yellow, green and white mix

Buy Rain Blo Gumballs Today!

I am nostalgic when I see gumballs.  My first was a cherry red Rain-Blo , I got it as a reward from a gumball bank my teacher kept on her desk. I was a very good student after that. Rain-Blo bubble gum was introduced in 1940.  It