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  • Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Almonds


    Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Almonds12 / 11oz Bags per caseOur Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Almonds are the perfect snack for any occasion! Fresh and crunchy almonds coated in rich dark chocolate. Add them on top of your favorite ice cream...

  • Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Peanuts


    Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Peanuts12 / 15oz Bags per caseOur Dark Chocolate Covered Packaged Peanuts are the perfect snack! Featuring peanuts coated in dark chocolate makes for a decadent sweet and slightly salty treat. Add them on top of...

  • Mars Chocolate and More Fun Size Mix Candy


    Mars Chocolate and More Fun Size Mix Candy Assorted fun size candies in bulk!15 lb. Case of Assorted Mars CandiesOur Mars Chocolate and More candy mixes are great for filling pinatas, party favors, classroom treats, or any large gathering. This...

Chocolate covered pretzels and other delicious snacks for sale! Rich and irresistible Milk Chocolate Candy. Chocolate covered and filled candies, with nuts, peanut butter, nougat, and more. Enjoy the great ways to savor this king of confections.

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