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Interactive Vending Machines

  • Sports Blaster Gumball Machine


    The Sports Blaster Gumball Machine is an all-mechanical novelty pinball game that dispenses candy or toy products. It was introduced to the coin-op industry in 1996. Thousands have been sold in all 50 States and 30 foreign countries. It has quickly...

  • Xtreme Ball Blaster Vending Machine


    Xtreme Ball BlasterVends 850 ct, 1080 ct, 1430 ct. Gumballs or Jawbreakers, or 27mm Superballs Inspired by the Xtreme Sports Blaster, the Xtreme Ball Blaster is a model designed for older players with a different play field design and edgier colors and...

  • Xtreme Sports Blaster Vending Machine


    Xtreme Sports Blaster Vending MachineVends 850 ct., 1080 ct., 1430 ct. Gumballs or Jawbreakers or 27mm Superballs The more often you strike the target, the closer you get to winning the big prize! Machine Details: Self-contained prize redemption...

  • Uphill Battle Gumball Game


    Uphill Battle Gumball Machine GameChallenging and fun game to test your skill. Get the gumball up to the top of the hill and you get an instant prize! To play the game take the ball and move against gravity by moving it up the play field back and forth...

Double the fun with these Electronic Vending Machines. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the novel ways to dispense gum and candy, including foosball gumball machine and uphill battle gumball vending game.

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