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Neon Color Gumballs 1430 ct.

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Neon Color Gumballs 1430 ct.


Neon Color Gumballs
Four neon colored fruit gum balls

These sweet fruit flavored neon bubble gum balls are full of flavor and full of fun! Each gumball has a sleek polished coat, and with four different flavors you are sure to be fulfilled. They are intended to vend in 7/8 inch gum ball vending machines and will leave you tempted to try all four dazzling neon balls. These gum balls are the perfect size for vending in the Wowie Zowie machine and can vend in some 1" gumball vending machines as well. Choose between Banana (Light Yellow), Fruit (Light Orange), Cherry (Light Pink), and Lemon Lime (Light Green). Be sure to see our full line of gumball vending machines if you're looking for a machine to dispense these flashy gumballs.

Gumball Specifications

    • Size: 7/8" diameter (22mm)
    • Case Count: 1430
    • Color(s): Light Yellow, Light Orange, Light Pink, Light Green
    • Flavor(s): Banana, Fruit, Cherry, Lemon Lime
    • Weight: 18 lbs. approx.

Made by Oak Leaf, these bulk vending gumballs are OU Kosher Certified. One inch gumballs typically vend for 25 cents in commercial vending machines that have a 7/8" gumball dispensing wheel /toy capsule wheel. Gumballs store best in a cool, dry, low humidity location. Their shelf life can be up to 18 months if not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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OU Kosher Certified

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