Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Tubz Toy Tower Vending Machine and Refill Supplies for sale! CandyMachines.com has the largest selection of 2 inch Sqwishland Surprise Capsules for sale. The new 2 inch Sqwishland Surprise Capsules are packaged in solid colored (it’s a mystery what’s inside) capsules with a full graphic wrap that makes it look like a mystery capsule you’d buy from any retail store. These mystery capsules each have TWO Sqwishland Toys inside along with a collectors guide.  
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Sqwishland Limited Edition Sea and Jungle Mix Refill Acorn Vending Capsules 250 ct
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Price: $35.00 33.85
1.1" Sqwishland Surprise Mix Toy Filled Round Vend...
Tubz Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Toy Tower
Tubz Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Toy Tower Ve...