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Sticker Machines & Tattoo Machines

  • Eagle 10 Way Sticker and Tattoo Toy Bulk Vending Rack


    Eagle 10 Way Sticker and Tattoo Toy Bulk Vending Rack A traditional style for bulk vendingThis rack includes five Eagle Bulk Vending Heads, two Rhino 25 inch Toy Vending Machine, one Eagle 3 Column Sticker and Tatto Vending Machine (RED ONLY) and one 45...

  • 10 Way Pro Vending Machine Combo


    10 Way Pro Vending Machines Provide your customers with 1-inch and 2-inch gumballs, bouncy balls, toy capsules, candy, stickers, and tattoos.  Our 10 Way Pro Vending Combo is your all-in-one solution to bulk vending needs. The 10 Way Pro includes...

Tattoo vending machines & sticker vending machines. Specialty flat vend machines are available in a variety of configurations so you can customize the look of your vending area to match the space. Choose from 2-column up to 4-column machines; in a single layer, stacked, or in a combo with candy and capsule toy vending machines. Each column holds approx. 300 flat vend stickers or tattoos.

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