Tubz Tower Vending Machine for sale for the first time in the USA! CandyMachines.com is proud to bring the Tubz Vending Machine and Toy Towers to the United States! Tubz Towers are known across Europe and the UK for their unique way of dispensing candy using sealed tubs of candy and snacks!CandyMachines.com will help bring Tubz Toy Towers to the North American market using Surprise Sqwishland 2 inch Toy Capsules.
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Tubz Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Toy Tower
Price: $429.00 419.85 ends 4/30/2019
Tubz Sqwishland Surprise Capsule Toy Tower Ve...
Tubz Surprise Toy Capsule Tower
Price: $429.00 419.85 ends 4/27/2019
Tubz Surprise Toy Capsule Tower Vending Machi...
Tubz Candy Capsule Tower Vending Machine
Price: $429.00 419.85 ends 4/30/2019
Tubz Candy Capsule Tower Vending Machine