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  • Double Mounting Bracket


    Double Mounting BracketMount 2 bulk vending machines to 1 stand Our double bracket allows you to mount 2 bulk vending machines onto 1 stand. Double head bulk vending machine setups are a great way to offer both candy and gumballs or other small 1 inch... has a full line of Vending Machine Racks and Stands for sale at wholesale prices. You can buy vending machine rack combos with machines or just the racks like you see below. These vending racks and stands are universal and work with almost all of our bulk vending heads.

Find the LOWEST Prices on Bulk Vending Racks for Candy, Gumball, and Toy Machines at! We have the Largest Selection of Racks and Stands Online. Buy and empty Rack for a Machine you already have or a full rack with bulk machines included. Cheap Prices. Shop Now!

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