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  • Seaga

    Seaga SM23 Snack and Soda Combo Machine


    Seaga SM23 Combo Machine - Seaga Snack MartHolds 168 snacks and 85 drinks (EXCLUSIVE: Free upgrade to 7 Drink Selections!) New Upgraded SM23 (Silver or Black) Drink Configuration:  Lane 1 – 12 oz. Can - Example SpriteLane 2 – 12 oz. Can...

  • Seaga

    Seaga Infinity INF5S Snack Vending Machine


    Seaga Infinity INF5S Snack Machine Updated ADA Compliant INF5S Infinity Series The Seaga Infinity INF5S 5-Wide Snack Vending Machine holds a total of 547 Snacks. It features a Braille equipped keypad as well as a large, easy-to read...

  • Seaga

    Seaga Infinity INF5B Soda Vending Machine


    Seaga Infinity INF5B Soda Machine Updated ADA Compliant INF5S Infinity Series Seaga Infinity INF5B 8-Wide Beverage Vending Machine holds a total of 240 bottles and cans. With a large beverage capacity, it is the perfect machine for high...

Vending by Industry makes it easy to find the best machine for your business or industry. Whether you own a Pediatric Dental office with a token rewards system, restaurant, car wash, pizza shop, amusement, or even just shopping for a machine for your business, we're sure to have a machine that fits your needs. We have a full line of Token Machines, Change Machines, Soda, Snack, Candy, and Gumball Machines.

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