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Order Gumballs For Your Health!

The benefits of chewing gum can range from blood flow to the brain and the relief from heartburn after a meal.  Chewing gum may improve brain function, blood flow, and concentration.  Our memory also benefits from chewing gum.  Stress levels will diminish also.  Next time you feel

Gumball of The Month: Strawberry Banana

Here at we get asked recommendations for gumballs daily so we’ve decided to have a gumball flavor of the month! This month we are featuring Strawberry Banana gumballs by Dubble Bubble. Bursting with flavors of strawberry and banana, these gumballs will make your mouth water. They

Order Your Favorite Candies from!

CANDY IS GOOD FOR YOU! All those years we were told candy wasn’t good for us, it’s just sugar, and it’ll make the kids hyperactive, THEY WERE WRONG! Candy has some great benefits! Did you know that chocolate actually helps with depression? It contains both serotonin and

Sour Candy from to Make Your Mouth Water!

What My Dentist Said…. I went to the dentist complaining of dry mouth.  To my surprise he recommended I snack on Sour Candies! Evidently the sourness stimulates the salivary glands and this helps with dry mouth.   Even though sour candy is acidic, the saliva helps to restore

Cry Baby Extra Sour Gumballs

You want an extra sour bubble gum? Dubble Bubble makes it! CAUTION… You’ll only cry for 40 seconds. But stay with it…or you may be called a Cry Baby!!! Check it out. The nice gals at will hook you up. The 1 inch standard gumballs come

Cinnamon Candy Available at!

Have you heard of the Cinnamon Challenge? You are supposed to take 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and try to swallow it within 60 seconds without any water. DO NOT ATTEMPT THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE! IT BURNS AND YOU LOOK LIKE A FOOL! Don’t believe me? Go ahead and

Shimmering Gumballs Make The Perfect Addition To Any Wedding

Planning a Candy Buffet for your Wedding Reception or Birthday party? has beautiful Shimmer Gumballs in many assorted colors. You can purchase by the Pound, by the Tub or even by the Case. Decorate a Buffet table with different size glass vases and glass jars filled

Accomplish More With Our Gumballs For Sale

Gum Improves Math Scores!!   Did you know that a study conducted by the Baylor College of Medicine shows the link between higher test scores and gum chewing? According to their findings, children who chewed gum showed a 3% increase in their test scores after 14 weeks. 

Chewing Gum

Chewing Gum   Chewing sugar-free gum can help one lose weight. But chewing to much sugar-free gum can cause some medical problems to the body. For someone like me I chew spearmint flavored gum to help suppress my hunger and to help an upset stomach. This flavored

Vending Gumballs and Capsules For Birthdays!

Sports Themed Party If you have a young boy at home, chances are he is a bit of a sports fan. From basketball to baseball, my guy is in. So it should come as no surprise that he wants to have a sports themed party. Well he