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Buy Candy in Bulk for Any Occasion!

Candy Guessing Booth The Candy Guessing Booth is an easy exciting game for all, and is perfect for any party or even a little get together! All you need is two empty clear jars, and simply fill them each with your favorite candies. Try our vibrant Crazy

Buy Bulk Candy to Boost Sales!

So sweet you can taste the Sales! The sweet secret to sales in your micro-market is variety. Candy like REESES and SKITTLES give customers the sweets they crave and the sales you want. You can never go wrong with these originals, and customers like knowing the quality

Decorating For Fall with Pinterest!

The weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to change colors. Can you feel it? Fall is in the air! It’s time to pull out the fall home décor, but how about we add some sweetness to it. Use Reese’s Pieces for fillers in flower

Stock Up on M&M’s Candy!

Plain or Peanut? The fascination with M&M’s are still a trend and the reason why is because they are good. Adults are big fans of the Peanut M&M’s and Kids love the Plain. M&M’s originated in the United States in 1941 for the Military men who wanted

Order Your Favorite Candies from Candymachines.com!

CANDY IS GOOD FOR YOU! All those years we were told candy wasn’t good for us, it’s just sugar, and it’ll make the kids hyperactive, THEY WERE WRONG! Candy has some great benefits! Did you know that chocolate actually helps with depression? It contains both serotonin and

National Milk Chocolate Day: July 28

One of our favorite holidays here at candymachines.com is about to be upon us. July 28 th is National Milk Chocolate day and yes we will be celebrating. We will be busting out a bag of M&M’s on each desk, plain or peanut and enjoying the day.

Get Your Chocolate Fix at CandyMachines.com!

What can you say about chocolate? Chocolate is one of those things that are comfort food I think. Chocolate can be made in all kinds of different ways. Chocolate not only comes in dark brown color but also in a white color. I know from my experience

Buy Peanut M&M’s in Bulk!

I love Peanut M&M’s . I can trace my love for them back to a vivid memory when I was a little girl visiting my grandparents’ house. They had a huge kitchen with a “candy drawer” where they would keep bags of candy – fully accessible to

Indulge In The Benefits of Chocolate

Let them eat Chocolate! Check it out! A recent study of 972 healthy adults in sunny San Diego, CA found that those who indulged their craving for chocolate and average of twice a week weighed less than those who ate it less often. How can this be

Buy Chocolate From Candymachines.com!

How popular is Chocolate? A recent article in a candy magazine proposed the question about how popular chocolate really is. They came up with some pretty intriguing statistics. Americans consume chocolate an average of 107 times per year Over 60% of adults prefer snack size & bite