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Vending Bulk Candy

How Much Candy Should I Vend? The settings on your candy machines are very important. You want to be profitable while not turning customers away. You have to find a happy medium. Customers will continue to come back to your machines if they think they are getting

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M&M’s – An inspired candy! Do you know the history of the M&M?  The founder of Mars Company got the idea for the chocolate confection in the 1930’s during the Spanish Civil War when he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with hard shells of chocolate – which

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Baby tries to sneak candy out of a gumball machine when something goes wrong and makes a big mess. Watch how he tries to cover-up the mess!

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Dad’s Candy Recently I lost my father to liver cancer. He was way too young and it was way too fast. As I try to move on from this life altering event, I start to remember the little things that never seemed so important. Things like: he

Order Bagged Candy

Don’t need our candies in bulk? We have a plentiful selection that includes snack size tubs and 2-5lb bags of candy. These include favorites such as M&M’s , Reese’s Pieces , Skittles , and many more. Take a look here to take care of your sweet tooth!

Now Selling Gluten-Free Candy!

Candymachines.com has Gluten-Free Candy! Did you know that around three million people require a gluten-free diet? On top of that about 60 million people stick to a gluten-free diet because a family member has celiac disease. Sales of gluten-free products are on the rise. According to the

Order M&M’s Candy For Your Health!

The healing power of Chocolate One of the most popular chocolate brands there is and that has always been my favorite are M&M’s, such beautiful colors that adorn them makes it delectable to our brain, at least to me. Every time I open a bag of them

Childhood Memories

When I was a little girl I used to look forward to running errands with my grandmother when I would visit her every summer. I could always count on her to give me a quarter or two so I could use the vending machines at the grocery

Vending Bulk Candy In The Summer

Summer candy vending hint… If your vending machines are in an especially hot and or humid location and the candy starts sticking together try this. Spray a large plastic spoon with an unflavored, non-stick cooking spray then stir the candy around until it has a shiny look

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10% Off Any Order – CYBER Monday Starts Now! 10% Off Any Order – CYBER Monday Starts Now!