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Order a Cotton Candy Machine!

Cotton Candy ~ Vending Success Cotton candy is a wonderful airy and fluffy sugar treat.  It is served at nearly all carnivals, street fairs and some movie theaters. It is a big seller all around the country and can be found at candy shops and amusement parks. 

Giant PEZ Dispensers at!

Looking for a unique birthday gift? has some fun giant pez dispensers to offer. These are great for any collector and sure to make the kid in all of us smile. Choose from Darth Vader, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Wolverine, Hello Kitty or Santa. They are

Buy Shimmer Gold Stars Candy!

Shiny Gold Star Candy for upscale events and special occasions. This special candy is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, graduations and birthdays. Pair the gold glossy star shaped ½ candies with a Candy Machine, making it perfect for your special event.  Contact us at or call 800-853-3941, we

Buy iErase Mini App Erasers!

iErase Mini App Erasers Capsules Made a mistake on your homework? Now there’s an app for that too! These fun little erasers are made to look like iPhone or iPad app icons and are functional for tweens, teens, and even adults. With over 12 different erasers they are fun

Grumpy Cat Vending Stickers! is pleased to offer the new line of Grumpy Cat licensed stickers. Grumpy Cat is hugely popular with his constant sour face and sarcastic rhetoric kids of all ages enjoy his one-liners. With over 12 different designs you are sure to get repeat business from collectors.

QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine Available Now!

Want to perk-up a gathering?  Tempt guests (and yourself) with the mouthwatering smell of freshly popped, theater style, popcorn. Here at we opened a new QTpop Tabletop Popcorn Machine for the holidays and treated ourselves with a crunchy treat.  The compact (16.5” H x 12.5” W

Bouncing Beans Jelly Belly Dispenser

Play Pinball with Jelly Bellies – What fun you can have with your very own Bouncing Beans Jelly Belly Dispenser. It’s like having a pinball machine with the added advantage that it puts out colorful Jelly Belly candies. When you crank the lever it makes the candies

Buy The Mickey Mouse Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser!

Mickey Mouse Meets Jelly Belly – Could there be anything more fun for a child than a combination of Mickey Mouse and Jelly Belly candy? Try topping the Mickey Mouse Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser. The fun starts with the box and globe that feature a Disney film

Order The Mister Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser Today!

A perfect Christmas Gift – The latest addition to is the ever popular Mister Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for Jelly Belly fans and kids of all ages. A push down on Mr. Jelly Belly starts the descent, and the beans fly

Jelly Belly 49 Assorted Flavors Jelly Beans in a 3 lb. Clear Jar

The confectionery company Gustav Goelitz started in 1869 made lots of candy, and his family has continued the company for generations. However it wasn’t until 1965 that Herman Rowland, Sr., a fourth generation candy maker produced Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. And the variety of flavors and colors