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Tomy Gacha Toy Capsule Machine

Looking for a machine that can really catch the eye? The Tomy Gatcha machine is what you are looking for. This brightly colored machine is sure to get the attention of all the kids young & old. The machine is set to take 2” capsules and vend

Order the Carousel Kiosk Vending Machine

Carousel Kiosk Vending Machine has so much to offer in a 28” diameter footprint! The bright colors and safe rotating vending machines fit well in a corner for the customer’s enjoyment. The Carousel Kiosk is topped with a whimsical color coordinating umbrella allowing for a visual appeal

Sell Tattoos, Stickers, and Toys with a 4 Way Combo!

Looking for a sticker and tattoo machine as well as a gumball/candy machine, check out the 4 WAY COMBO.  This machine has 2 Candy or Gumball machine on the bottom and 3 columns for Stickers and Tattoo’s on top.  The 4 Way Combo comes with a durable

Toy Vending Machines Do Great in Restaurants!

If you manage or own a restaurant and you don’t want to vend Gumballs then vend 1 inch toy capsules.  Toy capsules can vend for 25 cents.  One of my favorites and one of the Nation’s favorite movies is Disney Pixar Cars 2.  There are 12 new Helping Make-A-Wish Foundation

Make-A-Wish Recently here at we were asked to help with a project for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. A young child wanted to have a game room set up in his basement for him and his family & friends to enjoy whenever they wanted. He wanted to include

Get a Toy Machine for Your Dentist Office

HOW TO MAKE YOUR DENTIST OFFICE FUN! One of our customers here at is a pediatric dental office. They have a few of our toy machines and fill them up with toys for the kids when they complete their visit. Some of the most popular toys

Order A Vending Machine For Your Dental Office!

Vending Machines for your Dental office– We have a lot of customers here at that are dentists and pediatricians. They like to give their young patients toys and stickers for doing so well during the visit. We as parents know that while this is a fun

New Super Mario Sticker Boxes Vending Capsules!

New Super Mario Sticker Boxes Nintendo’s greatest video game characters are now available to put in your vending machines. Super Mario, along with his brother Luigi, and his outrageous side kicks Mushroom, Goomba, Troopa and Cheep Cheep, come in boxes like the Question Block and the Super

Littlest Pet Shop Danglers Vending Capsules

Pets are Precious Kids love their pets whether they’re scary black cats, big or little dogs, green frogs or fish. And with the Littlest Pet Shop Danglers Vending Capsules they can take their pets everywhere they go. These bright, colorful pets hook perfectly on zippers, key chains

Buy Marvel Heroes Thumb Wrestlers Vending Capsules!

Heroes for Every Finger Marvel, one of the best known comic book companies ever, now gives every little boy the chance to have a hero on his thumb. The Marvel Heroes Thumb Vending Capsules depict the famous masked Marvel heroes like Spiderman, the Hulk, Capt. America ,