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Super 2 Combo Machine Offers Variety

Super 2 Bouncy Ball Machine with 2 Barrel Machines. Great for any vending location, it gives your prospective customers more options than just a single product vending machine! Super 2 Bouncy Ball Machine vends 45 or 49mm size super balls, 2″ standard capsules, jawbreakers or gumballs. Holds

Old Vending Favorites

Old favorites return   Do you remember the jewelry you could eat? I remember buying it from the local market on the way to school. Well, it’s back! Candy Jewelry Vending Capsules are the same kind of fun edible bracelets, rings and necklaces that we munched on

Power Putty Vending Capsules

The all day toy    It bounces like a volley ball, it stretches like a wade of bubble gum and you can poke it like silly putty. And it makes funny noises too. We’re talking about the Power Putty Vending Capsules. When you squish it with your

Starting a Vending Machine Business

Starting a vending machine business   When I first started out in the vending machine business I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought choosing the machines I wanted was the hard part. Little did I realize that there is a science to picking the right

Kids love Squishies

You see them in every classroom. They’re adorable, colorful and unique. What are they? Pencil toppers or squishies as the kids call them. They make every kid’s writing assignments way more fun. And the kids love to trade them with their friends. The hottest selling squishies are

sea mania and pet-friends pencil toppers

Pencil Toppers now in Stock For a long time some of the hottest selling pencil toppers were so popular that the manufacturer couldn’t keep up with the demand. They are available now just in time for your youngster’s summer parties. These are just what the kids want

Monkey Vending Machine Capsules

Fun new capsules at the store Whoever thinks up the stuff to put in capsules has a truly active imagination. My kids had a ball the other day when they checked out the new capsules in the vending machines at the convenience store. My five-year-old daughter giggled

April Specials

Spring is finally here and the warm sunshine gets everyone out of their winter houses. With that in mind is offering big savings on a large variety of their products. There are lots of gumballs on sale including the Rubi Fruitz , Rapple – Tub of

Vending Machine Bouncy Balls

Everyone plays ball Who do you know that can’t resist bouncing a ball? You get one in your hands and it’s like we’ll all on automatic pilot, we just have to bounce it. And the ball that bounces the best are bouncy balls . They come in

Monkey Madness Vending Capsules

Monkeys are madness If you’ve ever been to the zoo and watched the monkey’s antics you know that the old saying, “monkey see, monkey do” fits perfectly. The Monkey Madness Vending Capsules now available from include monkey silliness like the see no evil, hear no evil,