They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.

In a continuing effort to bring customers to the forefront of internet experiences, has begun posting videos on the world-famous multimedia site YouTube. Now you can watch vending machines in action, and see how well they work for yourself – before you buy! This enables prospective investors to get a true ‘feel’ for how enticing the machines really are.

The first installment, Tractor Time Crane is a fantastic example of modern vending machine design. Tractor Time Crane is just one of those offered by which can be found in the crane vending machine section of their website.

Follow this link to watch the video!

A really neat feature of this particular machine is that it can be programmed to repeat the grab until it vends, so your customers are entertained as they win. Happy customers make return customers!

Also, you can load it with all kinds of things like; plush, novelties, balls, capsules and candy. You can even create your own custom mix to spice it up!


Tractor Time Crane