Sea Mania - Squishies are Here!

Sea Mania - Squishies are Here!

Just in time for summer school, and your summertime parties, the original and enormously popular first in the series of Seamania Vending Capsules are back and ready for your 1” vending machines. The original series of collectible Sea Mania rubber pencil toppers include the black and white whale, and the green and orange fish. The kids are crazy about them, and will want to collect all six of the cuties.

Brand new to the series are the Sea Mania 2 Vending Capsules . These darlings include a yellow blow fish, a pink walrus, a red lobster, a blue crab and best of all a crazy face, white haired clam. You know all the kids will want to have a different one for every pencil they own.

Also now available are one of the hottest selling 1” capsule toys ever, the Pet Friends 1 Vending Capsules. These fun toys include the brown monkey, the blue elephant, the white cow, pink pig, and the penguin.

Right along with the Pet Friends 1 squishees (as the kids call them), the Pet Friends 2 Vending Capsules are now in stock. These darlings include a bug-eyed green frog, a kangaroo and other critters.

Every case of 250 capsule pencil toppers has very 25 rare collectible ones included. Kids know these rare animals are limited and they just love to try and get the ones they need to complete their collections. And they like to trade these treasures, too.

Every vending route operator who has 1” toy vending machines ought to try these to see their sales soar. When you order be sure to get a display card for an additional $5.00 for each of your machines. It really helps attract attention.

All of these kid safe toy capsules have a safety seal band. They will dispense in machines with a 1” vending gumball or capsule wheel. Catch these hot selling pencil toppers from . while the squishies are in stock now!