Ed Hardy Celebrity Temporary Vending Tattoos - Click Here To Buy!

Ed Hardy Celebrity Temporary Vending Tattoos - Click Here To Buy!

High fashion and bulk vending products would seem to have little in common, except that one of today’s best-selling temporary tattoo lines is based on the edgy designs of Ed Hardy, the California tattoo artist whose incorporation of Japanese tattoo artistry into American styles led to a variety of successful ventures in haute couture and celebrity marketing.

The Ed Hardy brand is now going into the mainstream. You’ll see toys in the near future with the Ed Hardy license, as well as an energy drink, lighters, and of course our Ed Hardy Temporary Vending Tattoos.

Licensing high-profile fashion designers is different from other brands brought into the bulk vending industry. Not only does the Ed Hardy brand enjoy high recognition on the part of consumers of all ages, but the clothing line itself acts as a promotional vehicle, extending the lifespan of the vendible merchandise by increasing the perception of its value.

The longevity of couture-inspired themes and products are due in part to the nature of the fashion business. Vendible product producers continually refresh their brands with new designs and promotional efforts. The Ed Hardy license has been gaining momentum for more than four years now.

Is fashion in bulk vending’s future as a standard licensing segment? Industry skeptics point to the fact that the Ed Hardy brand and its temporary tattoo designs are particularly well suited to bulk vending, with its traditional tattoo segment. Even if young consumers didn’t know who Ed Hardy was, they liked his designs. In bulk vending tattoo designs, it is the graphic elements that add value. Ed Hardy may just be part of a larger trend in the fashion industry that makes it particularly well suited to bulk vending products.