Meet The Smilies Vending Capsules

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The Famous Smile is back-

The smiley face has been used in many ways for many years.  There have been advertising campaigns for everything from movies, savings and loan companies, newspapers, and free festivals. You have seen them on T-shirts, sweat shirts, mugs, and just about anything that’s for sale.

Bet you’ve never seen the Meet the Smilies Vending Capsules!
This perfectly happy family, Dad, Mom, Brother, Sis, Cat and Dog brings that famous smile back. Each character twists and bends and stretches up to 12 inches. The bright colors range from green, red, yellow to blue and purple. Kids will want to capture all six characters to make the family complete and enjoy them for hours and hours of fun.

The one inch capsules come in 250 count, ready to add to your machines with a one inch vending wheel. Add the display card to your order from for a small additional cost.