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Support the Seahawks with some Skittles!

Are any of you Seahawks fans? Well, did you know that Marshawn Lynch, the Seattle Seahawks’ running back has a secret weapon? It’s Skittles ? It’s no secret to Seahawks’ fans that he eats a handful of them after each touchdown – which has been a tradition

Nostalgic Candy Bars Available Now!

Nostalgic Candy Bars History - Rocky Road . The history of the Rocky Road candy bar is attributed to the Annabelle Candy Company. It was invented by Sam Altshuler, a Russian immigrant came to the United States in 1917 and settled in San Francisco, California. After many

Fill Your Machine with Bulk Vending Gumballs!

What size gumballs should I get for my gumball machine? We get asked that question a lot here at candymachines.com . The size of gumballs you need will depend on the size of the opening in your gumball wheel. Most standard commercial machines will take a 1”

Order Vending Bouncy Balls Today!

Everyone Loves Bouncy Balls The Bouncy Ball, also know as a Super Ball, was invented by a California chemist named Norman Stingley. In 1965, Stingley spent his spare time experimenting with rubber. He compressed various scraps of synthetic rubber together under about 3500 pounds of pressure per

Charity VS Commission

What’s the difference between offering commission to the business or profits to charity? “Should I give the store a commission or should I give it to charity?” We get asked this a lot at candymachines.com and the answer is it is really a matter of preference and

New Willy Worm Vending Capsules!

When I was growing up my grandpa used to play with these little puppet type things to make us laugh. He had the Mickey Mouse and Pluto puppet that you would push the button on the bottom to make it dance. He also had this fuzzy worm

What is a "capsule" machine? A Capsule machine is usually a larger machine that will vend the 2” capsules and often is part of a rack setup. This is great for giving your locations more of a selection as well as being able to vend higher priced

Fuzzy Face Mustaches Vending Capsules

Fuzzy Face Moustaches are a big hit at children’s parties, photo booths or just fooling around with friends. With everyone having cameras on their phones you can turn any area into a photo booth with a few dress-up items, hats, and Fuzzy Face Moustaches . I put