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Clear and Cool Rings Vending Capsules

Clear and Cool Rings are a trend setters delight. The fashionable cool rings are painted under the clear acrylic over lay. The bright colors and cool appeal will bring girls and their quarters to your vending machine. The 250 count bags come pre-packaged in 1” capsules ready

Hematite Jewelry Is Available Now!

Hematite Jewelry is designed to look like the hematite mineral found in iron mines. The beautiful sleek black look gives any outfit style. has added a new hematite jewelry mix to its 1” capsules. This great mix has both necklaces and rings. The beautiful designs cater

Buy Skittles and Use The Wrappers

CRAFT – Candy Wrapper Dresses A popular trend these days is clothing made out of recycled items. And if any of you are fans of Project Runway, you’ve seen them create masterpieces by repurposing items you use in your daily life that are used for something other

Buy Gumballs For Your Crafts From Us!

Graduation Gumball Lei’s- For graduation a colleague of mine made some bubble gum candy leis. The lei’s were made out of 1”gumballs. They looked really cool cause she used gumballs that were the school colors ( burgundy, white, and grey).  There are many colors of gumballs out

Order The Disney Fairy Mini Tin & Princess Ring Mix!

Tins and Rings, Disney for Girls- It’s every little girl’s dream to be a princess. Walt Disney had the inspiration and brought princesses alive with the likes of Tiana, Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Aurora, and many others. You can help little girls feel like princesses with the

Turn Bulk Vending Gumballs into Jewelry!

Candy Crafts – Bubble Gum Necklaces Remember candy necklaces growing up? For an updated take on the old classic why not make a bubble gum necklace! They are easy to make and a great party favor, kids’ craft, or unique gift for your sweetie. Just follow these

Childhood Memories

When I was a little girl I used to look forward to running errands with my grandmother when I would visit her every summer. I could always count on her to give me a quarter or two so I could use the vending machines at the grocery

Buy Disney Fairy Puffy Glitter Necklaces Vending Capsules!

Disney Fairy Necklaces in Vending Capsules Disney Fairies, lead by the famous Tinker Bell, now have a new product out. This group of beautiful fairies are the same ones you see on TV, on DVDs, as dolls, at Disney Parks around the world, and now they offer