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Order the Mr. Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser Today!

Mr. Jelly Belly Dispenser Since childhood I have been able to make friends with inanimate objects.  I could spend hours playing with Mr. Potato Head, Miss Paper Doll and Queenie the Bear. Now my imagination allows me to play in my own candy filled world. I recently

Giant Pez Hello Kitty

OH MY GOODNESS! We are really excited about this one! just got these giant Hello Kitty Pez dispensers in. They are about 12” tall and dispense real Pez candy right from the Hello Kitty head. The base of the Pez machine is pretty pink with yellow

Fill your Machine with Starlight Bears Pencil Toppers!

We have a new line of pencil toppers we are carrying here at and think you are going to love it. Introducing the Starlight Bears Twinkle Tops! These beautiful little figurines fit on the top of a standard pencil and come in 6 different glittery colors

Get your Heads of Horror Terror Toppers Vending Capsules Here!

Heads of Horror Terror Toppers Vending Capsules Heads of Terror pencil toppers are here and man are they creepy looking! These are great for all those novice zombie hunters out there. These zombie head pencil toppers have 8 different poses to collect and trade with fun names

Order your Easter Candy Today!

Holidays come go so fast.  So don’t forget to check out the selection of… FUN Easter Candies, Sugar Bunnies Candy       Lucky Duckies Candy         Quackers Candy                 Speckled Eggs Candy All these Easter themed candies are colorful and cute! Even more can be found at They are available

Hootz Pencil Toppers Vending Capsules

Whooo Loves Owls? Owls are so fascinating because of their mysterious nature and are most active in the night.  A group of owls is called a parliament. These Owl pencil toppers are fun to collect. There’s a special Glow in the Dark one. Collect all 8 and

Order Beanboozled Jelly Beans Now!

My Girlfriend is always telling me I have been Bamboozled!! And it always makes me laugh!! So when I came across this candy at  I had to have them… I can’t wait till they arrive so I can finally say to her she’s been Beanboozled!! Each

Splatters 1 inch and 2 inch Vending Capsules Available Now!

Throw it! Fling it! Splat it! Then watch it regain its shape! Splatterz balls are now available in both a 1” capsule and a 2” capsule. This fun little toy is great and gets a lot of attention when the kids throw the ball on the ground