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Toy Vending Machines Do Great in Restaurants!

If you manage or own a restaurant and you don’t want to vend Gumballs then vend 1 inch toy capsules.  Toy capsules can vend for 25 cents.  One of my favorites and one of the Nation’s favorite movies is Disney Pixar Cars 2.  There are 12 new

Buy Eraser Vending Capsules!

Erasers, Erasers, Erasers!! One of the biggest fads these days are erasers.  Kids of all ages love them, and they collect and trade them.  There are some great eraser collections such as:  Eraser Mania, Dinosaur Erasers,  Eraser Cantina, Fast Food Erasers, Perfect Picnic, Rise and Shine, and

Where To Place Your Vending Machines

Looking to start a vending machine route, but are stumped at where to place your machines?  Remember, toy vending machines cater to mostly school aged children, and candy machines are more universal.  So “know your audience” when placing your machines and pay attention to a location’s foot

Adjusting The Wheel On Your Candy Vending Machine

How do you adjust the candy wheel? Adjusting the candy wheel on your candy machine will allow you to set the amount of candy that comes out per vend. This should help control your costs, maximize your profits, and keep your customers happy. Dispensing too little candy

Buy Blueberry Blast 1080 ct. Gumballs

Blueberry Blast Beckons- You’ve tasted them in pies, cakes, ice cream, jams, jellies, and muffins. Now the delightful blueberry taste we all love comes in Blueberry Blast Gumballs. Candymachines.com has these refreshing gumballs in 15/16 inch, 1080 count cases ready for your machines with 1 inch dispensing

Order the 11 Column Snack Vending Machine for your Office!

My office wanted to offer its employees snacks at a reasonable price. Looking around, we found an affordable 11- Column Snack Machine for $399 + shipping from www.candymachines.com. It’s only 23 inches wide x 23 inches deep so it fits perfectly on top of our break-room counter!

Placing Your Bulk Vending Machines

Where do I put my machines? At candymachines.com we are often asked, where is the best place to put my bulk vending machine? While there are many different locators out there that can help you, we think you can do it yourself. No one knows your neighborhood

Bulk Vending Business For Your Teenager

Bulk Candy Vending – The Perfect Business Kids Can Start! Is your wallet always empty because your child is always raiding it because they don’t have a job? In these economic times, it is more difficult for young teens to find lawns to mow, babysitting, or fast