Buy Bulk Candy to Boost Sales!

So sweet you can taste the Sales!

The sweet secret to sales in your micro-market is variety. Candy like REESES and SKITTLES give customers the sweets they crave and the sales you want. You can never go wrong with these originals, and customers like knowing the quality they will be receiving. The more you have to offer, the more you can sell!

When not in use for vending, you can use both Reese’s Pieces and Skittles to make an adorable quick gift as well.

Give it a shot and brighten someone’s day!

Bulk Vending Machines 101

Rhino 9 All Metal Unit Toy & Candy Vending Machine Combo

Rhino 9 All Metal Unit Toy & Candy Vending Machine Combo – Click Here to Buy!

We are often asked by our customers the basics of starting up in the candy machine world. Questions like –

How much money can I make?

Where should I place my new machines?

What are the best selling items?


Before you even think about mapping out routes or choosing which products to sell, you need to find the best locations for your vending machines if you want to make big profits. Location is the most important aspect of ensuring income and success. Even with the right research, any place will not guarantee good profit; however you can definitely stack the odds in your favor by following the important guidelines listed below:

  • Plenty of foot traffic such as a mall or entertainment complex
  • Commercial buildings with at least 50 employees
  • Locations with few or no other food and beverage options such as parks, motels and recreation centers.
  • Places that require a lot of waiting such as repair shops, hospitals and salons.
  • Businesses open 24/7

When deciding whether to put a particular vending machine in a location or not, consider not only the surrounding area but also who the target customer is. Different products work better with different demographics.

Emoji Gumballs Now at!

Emoji Gumballs - Click Here to Buy!

Emoji Gumballs – Click Here to Buy!

Emoji’s have made a big impact in the smart phone world, and it seems as though nobody can send a text message without adding a cute little character. Kids and teens will love our new line of 1 inch Emoji Gumballs. This mix features the crying emoji, sunglasses emoji, heart eyes emoji, and more! They are fully color printed, giving a bright and cheerful look. You can order them in 1 pound bags or a case of 12 pounds. We also have our Emoji Gumball Machine with Emoji Gumballs, if you’re looking for a fun and unique birthday gift. The bank stands at 8.5 inches tall and comes with a sample of the 1 inch emoji gumballs. Be sure to check out our full line of Emoji products!

Buy Empty Gumball Tubes Today!

Empty Gumball Tubes - Click Here to Buy!

Empty Gumball Tubes – Click Here to Buy!

It’s graduation season!

These gumball tubes are a great way to feature school colors in a tasty way. Each tube fits 6, 1 inch gumballs perfectly. Tie on a ribbon to give it a finished look. They’re great for any kind of party. Offer them at baby showers, weddings, or birthday parties. The possibilities are endless!

Gumball of The Month: Strawberry Banana

Strawberry Banana Gumballs - Click Here to Buy!

Strawberry Banana Gumballs – Click Here to Buy!

Here at we get asked recommendations for gumballs daily so we’ve decided to have a gumball flavor of the month! This month we are featuring Strawberry Banana gumballs by Dubble Bubble. Bursting with flavors of strawberry and banana, these gumballs will make your mouth water. They have a shiny light pink coating with the iconic Dubble Bubble logo. Order them in a case of 850 or get them by the pound. We sell them in 1, 2 and 5 pound bags. If you’re looking for something different, give these gumballs a try!

Order Your Valentine’s Day Candy Today!

Happy Hearts Candy By The Pound – Click Here to Buy!

Now that the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season has slowed down, it’s time to start thinking about the next holiday coming up. Valentine’s day! At we have a large assortment of candies that would be great for a Valentine’s theme candy buffet. Our most popular decorating candy is our line of Sixlets Candy Coated Chocolate Balls. They come in a large variety of colors including Red, Pink, and White. Want a little more bling? Try the Shimmer White or Shimmer Pink! We also have pressed candies like our Candy Hearts or Valentine’s Bouquet.

Holiday Candy on Sale!

Red White Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers by The Pound – Click Here to Buy!

With the holidays upon us offers an enormous variety of festive candies to make your home or office party tables a place that folks will want to visit over and over again.

Our Red, White, Green Mix Mini Jawbreakers are sure to get anyone in the holiday spirit. These hard candies are fruit flavored and have a shiny coat that is sure to capture the attention of your guests. These lovelies can be purchased by the pound and will last up to 18 months if stored away from extreme heat or cold. They’re just one of the many candy choices has to offer.  Be sure to check out the Gumballs by the Pound and the other Jawbreakers now available.

Decorating For Fall with Pinterest!

Reese's Pieces - Click Here to Buy!

Reese’s Pieces – Click Here to Buy!

The weather is cooling down and the leaves are starting to change colors. Can you feel it? Fall is in the air! It’s time to pull out the fall home décor, but how about we add some sweetness to it. Use Reese’s Pieces for fillers in flower vases to add some of the wonderful colors of fall to your home. We have lots of fun ideas like this one and so many others  on our Pinterest page. Check us out! When you find something you like, be sure to use the Pinterest coupon code for an additional 10% savings.