Order Cinnamon Hot Balls Now!

Cinnamon Hot Balls Candy by the Pound

Cinnamon Hot Balls Candy by the Pound – Click Here to Buy!

Cinnamon Hot Balls for the Red Hats!

I have to host the Red Hat Society Thanksgiving party and since all women love candy, I figured I’d buy lots of different kinds and make a candy bar. I found the perfect candy for my fun ladies at CandyMachines.com. I know the Cinnamon Hot Balls Mini Jawbreakers will fit in with our theme and be a big hit.  Plus, the price was right so I got 5 pounds. They are a delicious cinnamon flavor and a luscious color red.  They look so very pretty in my glass candy dish.

Fuzzy Face Moustaches Vending Capsules are Here!

Fuzzy Face Moustaches Vending Capsules

Fuzzy Face Moustaches Vending Capsules – Click Here to Buy!

We Moustache you a Question -

Check it out! It’s November and weather you call it Movember or No-Shave November the manly facial hair season is upon us. Both Movember and No-Shave November movements are great ways to bring attention to men’s health issues like prostate & testicular cancer.

One of our candymachines.com customers is throwing a party to get donations for this great cause. He ordered Fuzzy Face Mustaches as well as Giant Gummy Mustaches. We thought the idea was so great we wanted to share!

Need some other ideas for party favors or candy bars? Give the office staff a call. They love to help with these projects.

Buy Black Magic Balls Candy For Halloween!

Black Magic Balls Candy by the Pound

Black Magic Balls Candy by the Pound – Click Here to Buy!

Black Magic Balls Candy

With Halloween coming up I have made up small bags of candy for the neighborhood kids.

I found your web site and ordered the Black Magic Balls Candy by the Pound. Even though you have them available in 1, 2 or 5 pound bags, I went ahead and got the 5 pounder because my kids will want them around after Halloween. Well they are delicious! I have combined the licorice flavored jawbreakers with lots of other candies. And I’ll definitely be back to candymachines.com for future parties!

Order Your Halloween Candy Now!

Eyeball Gumballs By the Pound

Eyeball Gumballs By the Pound – Click Here to Buy!

Well another holiday is rapidly approaching us again. It seems like this holiday just passed us bye.  We at www.candymachines.com have what you need in candy to make your party a big success. For instance, we have a great Halloween candy mix of bloody bones and bloody skulls. We also have spooky Eyeball Gumballs just right for Halloween. Head on over to www.candymachines.com to see what other chilling goodies we have waiting for you.  Have a safe and spooky Halloween.

Red, White & Blue Mix Stars Candy for the 4th of July!


Red, White & Blue Mix Stars Candy – Click Here to Buy!


Candymachines.com is proud to offer these fun patriotic Red, White & Blue Mix Stars candy for your 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day or all around Americana festivities. These colorful candy stars will look great at any party on the candy bar or on top of cupcakes.  The upscale pressed candy is available by the pound or the case.

Need a vending machine for this candy? We have that too. Be sure to see our full line of candy vending machines.

Have you taken the Beanboozled Challenge?

Have you taken the Beanboozled Challenge?

Have you taken the Beanboozled Challenge?

What’s BeanBoozled? The only way to find out is to take the challenge…

Inside every box of BeanBoozled Jelly Beans are 10 different looks of beans. But beware, some of these beans are gross. For every good flavor, there is a nasty tasting counterpart that looks the same. “How nasty,” you say? Instead of licorice, you might get skunk spray nasty! And if you throw caution to the wind, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Order MLB Vending Supplies Today!

MLB Major League Baseball Self Vend Baseballs

MLB Major League Baseball Self Vend Baseballs – Click Here to Buy!

The Boys of Summer

It’s that time again! Time for little league games and yelling from the bleachers. Baseball is back in full swing. To celebrate this wonderful time of year, candymachines.com has some great baseball themed items for your vending machines, parties or treasure boxes. Baseball Logo Stickers and Self Vending Baseballs are great licensed items that will help increase sales and bring smiles to the faces of the future major leaguer.

Don’t forget your gumball machines. Candymachines.com has some great home run white baseball gumballs that vend in a spiral gumball machine.

Buy a 4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine!

4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine

4 Column Sticker/Tattoo Machine – Click Here to Buy!


Hey Tattoo artist! We have a great way for you to make money on all those people who come in your shop just looking or bail out. Get a tattoo vending machine!

Candymachines.com has a great machine on special right now that is sure to bring in a little money on the side. Check out our 4 column sticker and tattoo machine. This machine offers 4 different choices of our flat vend stickers or tattoos for just 50 cents a vend and with all the great choices we have to offer it is sure to be a hit in your studio.