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Lucky Ducks Vending Capsules For Your Vending Machines!

Pretty Ducks All in a Row- Who doesn’t love a “quacker”? The Lucky Ducks Vending Capsules are cute, colorful, and squishy. Plus, they’re ready for your vending machines with 1” vending wheels. These little guys are great for kid’s parties or simply to play with and share

Order Sqwishland Swamp Vending Capsules!

The newest release from Sqwishland is finally here, the Swamp series. This new series includes the Alligator, Snake, Possum, Salamander, and Otter. Each squishy pencil topper comes in a safety sealed round capsule that will despense in machines with a 1 inch vending wheel. There’s no doubt

NEW Sqwishland Sea Spiral Rocket Vending Machine Packages For Sale!

Our Sqwishland Sea Spiral Rocket Vending Machine Package is a great deal on a vending machine and vending machine capsules. This package includes: -4 bags of either Sea Mania, Sea Mania 2 or you can mix and match 2 of each. ($140 value) -50 cent coin mech

Buy A New Sqwishland Mini Rocket Machine Package!

Our Sqwishland Mini Rocket Machine Package is a very eye catching and virtually indestructible vending machine. This package includes: -2 bags of any 1” Sqwishland Vending Capsules ($70 value) -50 cent coin mech ($25 value) -Black metal stand ($25 value) -FREE digital machine and window display cards

Order Our New Sqwishland Sea Mania Vending Machine Package!

At candymachines.com we’ve created Sqwishland Vending Machine Packages. These packages have made ordering vending capsules and a toy vending machine to put them in so much easier. Each package includes the vending machine, Sqwishland Vending Capsules to fill it, and the display card to make sure you’re

Place Your Order For Rare Squishies

Popular Pencil Toppers with So Many Names - Rare Sqwishland Squishies are the most popular vending capsules we have at candymachines.com.  Kids first started collecting these because of all the fun, colorful, rare sqwishland zoo animals they could get.  Now kids keep collecting, hoping to find the

Buy Your Vending Refill Supplies From Us!

Classroom prizes I’m an elementary school teacher in Ohio and I just want you to know that I’ve bought lots of little rewards for the students in my class from candymachines.com. You always have the perfect prizes for my “kids.” Lately I’ve been giving out the Giant

Sqwishland Sea Mania Vending Capsules

Whether you call them Sqwishland Sea Mania, Squishies, Squishy, or just the best little pencil toppers ever, you can buy all your little Sqwishland Sea Mania Squishies right here at candymachines.com