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Coffee Flavored Candy and Gumballs

Coffee favor more popular than ever Surprisingly enough young people are turning to the taste of coffee, even over soft drinks and the latest craze high powered drinks. Apparently the health benefits and improved mental focus are the main reasons for the increase in sales of anything

Sales Increase on Sugar Free Treats

The National Confectioners Association (NCA) reports that the sales of sugar free gum and candy increased significantly during 2008. With reports that a large percentage of Americans are over weight or obese, this is a good sign that people are becoming more conscious of the in-between-meal treats

Sweets Without The Sugar

Did you know that you can enjoy great tasting candy without the sugar? Nestle’s NIPS creamy, sugar free candy fills the desire to satisfy your sweet tooth. Known as an “adult’ candy and for its unbelievably creamy texture, NIPS were introduced more than 80 years ago.  They

Sugar-free Dubble Bubble

America’s favorite bubble gum has gone ‘healthy’ by offering a sugar-free alternative. Now the same original flavor is available without the sugar, which is just what health-conscious parents are looking for these days as the confection industry trend continues toward healthier offerings. Increase your sales by vending what your customers