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Green Machine Arrives

$$$$ making green machine arrives Looking for more profit from each of your machines? The perfect answer is the green Triple Canister Vending Machine . You get three canisters in one machine and it comes on a stand. This is a win win situation for both you

Bubble King’s Classic Vending Machine Gumballs

Bubble King’s soft chew gum I just tried a new bubble gum that’s a softer chew than most. It’s perfect for me, because I’ve noticed that the older I get the harder the standard bubble gum seems to chew. These new soft chew Bubble King Classic Assorted

Smiley Face Vending Gumballs

Smiley face gumballs With the economy in a turmoil these days everyone needs a smile. Smiles are contagious, once you receive one, it’s easy to pass it on to the next person. Now smiles have reached the vending machine market in the form of Smiles Assorted Gumballs

Smarties Vending Gumballs

Smarties in a Gumball Everyone remembers the great taste of a roll of Smarties candy….a little bit of sweetness and a tiny bit of tart. Well I was pleasantly surprised when I found the new Smarties Bubble Gumballs in the gumball vending machine where I work. The

Bulk Vending For All Ages

Something new for all ages Last week I took my kids grocery shopping. On our way out of the supermarket they always want to stop by the vending machines. So we did. Much to their excitement the machines have some new toys to choose from. My fashion

Holiday and Christmas Decorations with Candy and Gumballs

Calling all candy and gumball lovers! The holidays are fast approaching and why not decorate your holiday house with candy and gumballs? Express your love of candy by creating whimsical home décor out of tasty treats. For Thanksgiving, add a touch of falling autumn leaf colors with

Nerds Gumballs

Nerds vending machine refill gumballs are now available in 850 count case. Be sure to take advantage of our multiple case discounts on bulk gumballs. Same great tasting Nerds candy centered gumballs, now available in the 850 count case, 1″ diameter size.  Nerds gumballs are also available

Try a Gumball Tub Today!

Tubs of gumballs can be used for home/office/gift and add variety to bulk vending machines to ‘spice-up’ sales. In their continued effort to bring partners the newest flavors, candymachines.com has recently added the following flavors available in 2lb 4oz tubs: Sprinkles – Fun attractive candy sprinkle-covered with

Gumball and candy shelf life?

Q.  What is the shelf life of your gumballs and candy? A.  Most manufacturers represent the shelf life to be 12-18 months as long as the gum and candy is kept in a cool dry location and maximum 50% relative humidity.

1/2″ Yellow Gumballs

Q.  Hello, I am looking for ½” yellow gumballs. Can you help me with this? Thank you. A.  At this time the gumball manufacturers only make ½” gumballs in an assorted color mix, of which yellow is included.