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Buy Think Pink Vending Stickers!

Breast Cancer Awareness Stickers I was checking out your web site today and found the Think Pink Vending Stickers .I really appreciate the fact that you have added these stickers to your inventory. I have a friend who died of breast cancer and in her honor I’m

Verizon 4G LTE Commercial Uses Our Gumball Machine!

"We feel very lucky in the casting options we were given, and we’d like to thank Jack Mezzio , Chad Neace , and Irena Murphy for their excellent work.  We’d also like to thank our location manager David Williams , our camera provider and consultant CM de

Time To Buy More Vending Machines!

Sales forecast hits the spot! The news is great for the vending machine business! Candy and gum sales have continued to rise higher and higher every month this year, in both the dollars spent and the units purchased. This information comes from the National Confectioners Association. As

Order Our New Sqwishland Sea Mania Vending Machine Package!

At candymachines.com we’ve created Sqwishland Vending Machine Packages. These packages have made ordering vending capsules and a toy vending machine to put them in so much easier. Each package includes the vending machine, Sqwishland Vending Capsules to fill it, and the display card to make sure you’re

A Smart Investment Idea

I bought the 4 Column Sticker and Tattoo Machine for my family’s restaurant about 5 months ago and have to say it is one of the smartest investments that I have made. I generally refill my machine once a month but on a couple occasions my machine

Facts About the Vending Machine Business

Lots of people know that the vending machine business has the potential of earning you a high profit. But that’s not the only thing you should consider when deciding whether to start one or not. Before you start, you should understand some facts about the vending machine

Tips to Increase Vending Machine Sales

Increasing profit in your Bulk Vending business can be easy with these simple steps.  Don’t overlook their importance even though they sound simple. These steps will work to put more money in your pocket and increase your residual income: Put out all of your Vending Machines –

Crane Vending Machines Are Entertaining

While vending machines come in all shapes, sizes and for many different purposes, one of the most popular with children is the crane vending machine. This is often called a toy vending machine or a claw vending machine. The purpose of these machines is to allow someone to put

10 Perks of Owning a Vending Machine Business

If you have been thinking about starting a vending machine business, I thought I would let you know about 10 of my favorite perks about the business. Read through and let me know how the sound to you! Freedom to be your own boss. Start your business

4 Tips To Help Expand Your Vending Machine Business

These tips are focused on the fundamentals of the business, without these you will have less success with your vending machine business. 1. Keep your machines clean, filled and in good working order at all times. 2. Focus on placing your machines with smaller companies instead of