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Buy a 4 Column Sticker and Tattoo Machine

I bought the 4 Column Sticker and Tattoo Machine for my family’s restaurant about 5 months ago and have to say it is one of the smartest investments that I have made. I generally refill my machine once a months but on a couple occasions my machine

Are You Ready For The World Series?

The World Series is right around the corner from now, and if you aren’t prepared for it there are a few items you might want to take a look at. Our MLB Penant Sticker Vending Capsules make a great decoration for your World Series party. They include

Licensed Products Can Increase Sales

With the economy in a downward swing vending machine owners need to keep a constant eye on what’s selling and what’s not. It’s a proven fact that the sale of licensed goods continues to grow for the bulk vending industry. There are several reasons why licensed products

What is Black and White and Red All Over?

The Skelanimals Vending Stickers, that’s what, and they are here in time for Halloween. Skelanimals are adorable little animal creatures and each has a story.  Due to their ill advised behavior and recklessness they’ve all met with an untimely end. For example, meet Matt the Mouse whose

Vending Stickers That Kids Love!

New stickers kids will want   Two of the latest vending machine goodies on the market are the Platinum City QT’s Vending Stickers and the iCarly Vending Stickers . The Platinum QT’s come with 10 different “hot” characters, including High Roller, Princess and Armed & Dangerous. The

Old Vending Favorites

Old favorites return   Do you remember the jewelry you could eat? I remember buying it from the local market on the way to school. Well, it’s back! Candy Jewelry Vending Capsules are the same kind of fun edible bracelets, rings and necklaces that we munched on

Pokemon Vending Stickers and More

As a vending machine owner I’m always looking for different products to add to my machines. The latest exciting new products I’ve found are offered by candymachines.com . They are the Pokemon Vending Stickers and the Bands of Gold Vending Capsules. The Pokemon stickers include all the

Patch Vending Capsules Are Here

With the start of school just around the corner moms and kids will be shopping for new clothes soon. As always jeans are “in” and there’s an easy way to stand out in a crowd of jeans by decorating them with patches. The Attach A Patch Vending

Sponge Bob Money Vending Stickers

Money stickers come in new styles Monopoly money and the real thing aside, the new money stickers offered by candymachines.com are the latest craze. Just in time for summer the Sponge Bob Money Vending Stickers and the My Lil’ Pets Money Vending Stickers will be popular with

Boys and Girls Vending Tattoos

New, fun tattoos were on display in our local grocery store vending machines. Our family shops there at least a couple times a week and my kids always go there first to look for the latest toys, candy, gum or sticker and tattoos. My daughter immediately fell