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May Specials Have Arrived

May specials have arrived Summer is here and is offering a giant selection of specials like machines, candy, jawbreakers, and gumballs, take your pick. There are special prices on several vending machines and dispensers this month. The very popular Captain Claw Pirate Crane machine is one

Bubble King’s Classic Vending Machine Gumballs

Bubble King’s soft chew gum I just tried a new bubble gum that’s a softer chew than most. It’s perfect for me, because I’ve noticed that the older I get the harder the standard bubble gum seems to chew. These new soft chew Bubble King Classic Assorted

Bubble Gum Easter Eggs

Easter eggs have arrived These eggs aren’t the traditional kind that you dye for the kid’s Easter baskets, however, these eggs are a perfect addition to the baskets. They come in sweet and sour flavors, and like the chicken eggs they are decorated in a multiple of

Fresh Breath Combo

Many bulk vending routes include adult locations such as bars, nightclubs, coffee shops, restaurants and maybe even tobacco shops or cigar clubs. If you haven’t secured some of these sites, now is the time to expand your horizons because the world-famous Chicle Chews brand has introduced a new Chlorophyll

History of the gumball

People have been chewing on gum for a long time. Well, stuff that somewhat resembles gum as we know it today. The Ancient Greeks chewed on resin from the bark of the mastiche tree, the Native Americans used resin from spruce trees and got settlers into the

Sugar-free Dubble Bubble

America’s favorite bubble gum has gone ‘healthy’ by offering a sugar-free alternative. Now the same original flavor is available without the sugar, which is just what health-conscious parents are looking for these days as the confection industry trend continues toward healthier offerings. Increase your sales by vending what your customers

Gumball and candy shelf life?

Q.  What is the shelf life of your gumballs and candy? A.  Most manufacturers represent the shelf life to be 12-18 months as long as the gum and candy is kept in a cool dry location and maximum 50% relative humidity.

1/2″ Yellow Gumballs

Q.  Hello, I am looking for ½” yellow gumballs. Can you help me with this? Thank you. A.  At this time the gumball manufacturers only make ½” gumballs in an assorted color mix, of which yellow is included.

Medium Gumball Bank

Our 11.5″(29.21 cm) Gumball Bank has all of the features of our Large Gumball Bank. It features the same adjustable dispensing mechanism and anti-spill cover. Classic Red Finish. This bank takes 1¢, 5¢, 10¢, and 25¢ Candy/Gumballs not included. Holds 24 oz. Order tub of Junior Gumballs