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Buy One of The World’s Largest Gummy Worms!

Weighing in at approximately 3 pounds, World’s Largest Gummy Worms can now be purchased from us here at!  These would make great gifts for children, grandchildren, or any lover of gummy candy.  Each giant gummy worm is 2 feet long and you can choose from 5

Giant Gummy Bears On a Stick Now Available!

Do Bears Really come on a stick? It was unbelievable……………….there was this toddler carrying a ½ lb bright red Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick! I thought I had seen everything, but boy was I wrong! Well, I just had to know where she got it. Her

Baseball Gumball Dispensing Machine On Sale!

The perfect baseball machine In stock just in time for the 2010 MLB World Series is the Baseball Gumball Dispensing Machine.  But no matter what time of year this fun baseball candy or gum machine is a welcome addition to any home where crazed baseball fans hang

NEW Sqwishland Sea Spiral Rocket Vending Machine Packages For Sale!

Our Sqwishland Sea Spiral Rocket Vending Machine Package is a great deal on a vending machine and vending machine capsules. This package includes: -4 bags of either Sea Mania, Sea Mania 2 or you can mix and match 2 of each. ($140 value) -50 cent coin mech

Buy A New Sqwishland Mini Rocket Machine Package!

Our Sqwishland Mini Rocket Machine Package is a very eye catching and virtually indestructible vending machine. This package includes: -2 bags of any 1” Sqwishland Vending Capsules ($70 value) -50 cent coin mech ($25 value) -Black metal stand ($25 value) -FREE digital machine and window display cards

Order Our New Sqwishland Sea Mania Vending Machine Package!

At we’ve created Sqwishland Vending Machine Packages. These packages have made ordering vending capsules and a toy vending machine to put them in so much easier. Each package includes the vending machine, Sqwishland Vending Capsules to fill it, and the display card to make sure you’re

New Spikes II Mix Vending Capsules For Sale!

Brightly colored Spikes are “in”   Spikes are seen everywhere, including on wristbands, necklaces, clothes and even hair-dos.  Now there’s a new Spike in town – Spike II Mix Vending Capsules. These Spikes come in loud vibrant colors and designs, perfect for kids. Each 2” bulk vending

Buy Clingers 2 inch Vending Machine Capsules!

Hanging out with the new squishy Clingers   You folks at are the best! I called you a couple of weeks ago and a nice gal told me about the 2” Clingers Vending Capsules. She said they were new and sure to be a hit. She

Buy Image Bandz Vending Capsules!

Rubber Bands As Never Seen Before – Image Bandz are becoming very popular and kids are really enjoying collecting and trading these animal shaped rubber bands. When I first saw them in a vending machine I was so curious as to what they were exactly, so I

Order Shine Design Rings Today!

Rings on her fingers ………….. Hearts, flowers, and bands of all colors will brighten any girl’s fingers when she’s wearing the rings from the Shine Design Rings Vending Capsules. These 1.1” vending capsules hold a variety of shiny rings in every color of the rainbow. In all