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Grow Animals Vending Machine Capsules For Sale

Grow your own sea creatures   We’ve all watched a kitten grow into a big cat or a puppy grow into a full size dog, but have you ever grown a lobster, crab or starfish on your kitchen counter? The Grow Animals Vending Capsules do just that!

Cloggers Vending Capsules On Sale

New colorful Clogger key chains   The new footwear for keys is clever and cute. They are the Cloggers Vending Capsules. Clogs, either sandals or shoes, have been around for hundreds of years in many countries. Usually they are made out of wood, some all wood, some

Get Your X-Treme Vending Capsules Today!

New Premium Quality Toy Mix now has some exciting new capsules for your vending machines. They are the X-Treme Vending Capsules For Sale and they’re filled with top-of-the-line quality toys that older boys and girls will want. There are 10 different toys in this 2”

Now Selling Princess Jewelry Vending Capsules

Jewelry for a Princess My husband always calls our 5-year-old daughter his Little Princess. So, when the vending machine at our favorite gas station had the Princess Jewelry Vending Capsules For Sale, I couldn’t resist getting them. When I got home I gave the jewelry to him

Miracle Rings Vending Capsules Available Now!

Religious rings available I teach Sunday School for about 30 or so 6 and 7-year-olds at the local Methodist Church. So when I saw the Miracle Rings Vending Capsules on’s web site I knew they were the perfect gifts for my students. Every month I try

Gonzo Mix Vending Capsules On Sale

Menagerie of Fun Toys The newest vending capsules on the market are filled with 30 different toys that are perfect for all kids. There’s something for the basketball fan, the hiker, the class clown, and the environmentally aware kids on the block. The Gonzo Mix Vending Capsules

Buy Finger Clackers Vending Capsules

Music to your fingers Kids love to make music, or like their parents would say, noise. And has come out with the perfect musical instrument for all kids. No matter how much musical talent they have or not, they will have fun making music (noise). The

Polar Mint Now In Gum Form

Just like its predecessor, Polar Mint Chewing Gum Tabs will zap your taste buds with a great soothing mint flavor. Yep, this new gum will remind you of the Polar Mint Candy that’s been popular forever. With a crisp coating this flat tab gum lasts a whole

New Tootsie Candy Available

Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc., founded in 1896 in New York City, is an icon of American candy manufacturers. They offer a long list of popular candies such as Sugar Daddy, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Pops, Dubble Bubble and many more. The newest addition to their long line up

Goof Balls Galore

I’m always telling my son he’s a goof ball because he’s so silly. So, when I saw those cute 2” Goof Balls Vending Capsules in the vending machine at the market yesterday I just had to buy him a couple of capsules. And he loves them. I