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Band Ables – A Must For Your Vending Machines

Get on the Band Ables Vending Capsules band wagon. They’re the latest Hot Rage with kids and grown-ups. These 2” animal rubber bands where first introduced in early 2000, and really became a fad in 2005 on the East coast. Sometimes called Silly Bandz, these colorful animal

Giant Vending Temporary Tattoos And Stickers

New styles of Temporary Vending Machine Tattoos and Vending Machine Stickers are now available.  What makes them different?  Their size!  They are “giant,” making them even more attractive and fun to collect.  They are made specifically to vend in your giant (not standard) sized temporary tattoo/sticker vending

NEW! Giant Seamania Vending Capsules!

Kids may recognize these under water animals, but there’s something slightly different about them.  They have grown up to 2” in size! So in that case, we’ve decided to call them Giant Seamania Vending Capsules. Just like how we took the popular Pet Friends and made them

Brand New Series In The Mania Craze

New crop of solid color gumballs! has expanded their line of solid color gumballs. Now you can mix and match 1” gumballs in your machines to accommodate anyone’s color pallet or decorating theme. So, besides the gumballs being a delicious chew they will brighten any wedding reception, birthday party, business convention or

Making Gum Is Great Fun!

I have been shopping at for the past couple years, and it was my sons birthday a couple of days ago, so last week when I was browsing I noticed that they had the Scientific Explorer Ultimate Gum Kit for sale. I was very excited to

Transparent Antique Gumball Machines Have Arrived!

As of today on, we have a new Gumball Bank that will interest you to know more about. The Transparent Antiques Gumball Machine is available for purchase now! It is 11” tall, and is available in Clear, Green, Pink, or Yellow which gives you a nice

Pool Balls For My Kid

My husband has been rack ‘em up for years and he finally got tired of going to the bars to shoot pool. Instead he bought a pool table for the family room. And he’s teaching our 10-year-old the game. So, the other day I took our sons

Collect MLB Baseball

With the Major League Baseball season coming to a close in just weeks everyone will want to collect memorabilia of their favorite team. The 2” MLB Major League Baseball Self Vend Baseballs are the perfect choice for young and old alike. The collection includes not only 30

Squishy Toppers Vending Capsules

Squeezable toppers are out Just in time for the new school year the Squishy Toppers Vending Capsules are available from . These squeezable animal toppers come in bright greens, whites, yellows and reds, and are perfect to for soft pencils, like those used in every classroom.