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Order Hello Kitty Scent Charms Vending Capsules Today!

Sweet Smelling Kitties – Now you can combine two of the sweetest things ever, a darling kitty and your favorite scent. The Hello Kitty Scent Charms Vending Capsules do just that! There are eight individual kitties, each with a different facial expression. You can open the charm

New Super Mario Sticker Boxes Vending Capsules!

New Super Mario Sticker Boxes Nintendo’s greatest video game characters are now available to put in your vending machines. Super Mario, along with his brother Luigi, and his outrageous side kicks Mushroom, Goomba, Troopa and Cheep Cheep, come in boxes like the Question Block and the Super

Littlest Pet Shop Danglers Vending Capsules

Pets are Precious Kids love their pets whether they’re scary black cats, big or little dogs, green frogs or fish. And with the Littlest Pet Shop Danglers Vending Capsules they can take their pets everywhere they go. These bright, colorful pets hook perfectly on zippers, key chains

Now Selling Freaky Geeks Vending Capsules

Freaky Figruines- The coolest and newest toy capsules that are bound to catch on are Freaky Geeks.  They come in 1” and 2” capsules and cost $52.00 and $57.00 respectively for a case of 250 capsules.   Collect all 8 figurines that include names like Knuckles, Skizzo, Stinky,

Buggyboos Vending Capsules Now Available!

Have you seen these awesome bugs!!!  They are called Buggyboos and boys are bound to go crazy when they see them.  They come in 1” capsules and are $39.00 for a box of 250 filled capsules.  There are 8 creepy bugs with names from other planets like,

Buy Candy by the Pound!

Here at we have an awesome selection of Bulk Candy, but sometimes not everyone needs a whole case. So, we’ve decided to make things easier. We are now selling Candy by the Pound!  The classic favorites such as Chewy Sprees, Aquarium Fish Candy, and Cherry Sours

The Lil’ Whirler Candy Machine is Available Now!

Now Introducing – Lil’ Whirler Spiral gumball machines are classic feel good gumball machines. While the 4 Foot Whirler and 5 Foot Whirler are fun, there isn’t always room for them in your game room. Problem solved! We now have the Lil’ Whirler in both a Gumball

Buy the new Pearl Bright Pink Gumballs!

Pretty Pink Gumballs One of the latest sweet treats from SweetWorks is the Pearl Bright Pink Gumballs with the shimmer finish. These fruit flavored gumballs are like no other and will glamourize any party table, period. They’re perfect decorations for baby showers, breast cancer fund raisers, bachelorette

Order Our New Gold or Silver Gumballs Today!

The Perfect Take Home Gift I’m a huge fan of your web site and have ordered gifts many times in the past. So the other night I was browsing around your site and saw the Silver Gumballs and the Gold Gumballs. I realized they will be just

Order The Lil’ Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine For Your Game Room!

Little Red Money Making Machine Just had to write you because I’m astonished that your Lil’ Whirler Spiral Gumball Machine has been an instant money maker for me. I bought 3 counter top machines from you about a month ago. I put one in a convenience store,