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Now Selling Candy Blox Bulk Vending Candy!

Fun Candy Blox to play with Everyone is familiar with the unique structures that can be designed with building blocks. Now is selling the Candy Blox Candy shaped just like the building blocks we’ve all played with as children. These edible, real-looking blocks come in a

Celebrate With Oh Baby Pacifier Candy!

New happy candies available My girlfriend is expecting in a month and I was planning a surprise baby shower for 30 friends. Awhile back I was at the market and saw these darling pressed powder baby pacifier shaped candies in the vending machine. I thought, a perfect

Giant Gummy Bears Mix and Match

Three yummy giants At over 1,000 times the size of a regular gummy bear the Giant Gummy Bears Pick 3 Mix and Match are treats that can last for weeks or even months. Manufactured by a U.S. company, the Giant Gummy Bears are truly a sight to

Monthly Specials For May!

Super Spring Specials Spring is finally here after a long, cold winter and has lots of remarkable specials that will warm your spirits and increase your profits this season and beyond. If you need to buy some new machines, now is the time! The popular Pro

Get Your Ultra Classic Vending Tattoos Now!

Exciting new tattoos The new Ultra Classic Vending Tattoos stand out with vibrant colors in a variety of designs. They’re temporary, they’re breathtaking and every young person is going to want all 10 of the different creatures to wear and share. There’s everything from wild cats, to

Buy Disney Fairy Puffy Glitter Necklaces Vending Capsules!

Disney Fairy Necklaces in Vending Capsules Disney Fairies, lead by the famous Tinker Bell, now have a new product out. This group of beautiful fairies are the same ones you see on TV, on DVDs, as dolls, at Disney Parks around the world, and now they offer

Marvel Super Hero Squad Vending Tattoos For Sale!

Super Hero tattoos They fly through the air, they save lives, they put on the good fight, and give everyone a thrill – they are comic book heroes! Now Hercules, Thor, Iron Man, Tiger Shark, Red Hulk, Green Goblin, Spider Man and Spider Woman, and others come

Now Selling Yo-Yo Balls Vending Capsules!

Spiky Yo-Yo Balls in Capsules for Vending Machines Yo-Yos have been around forever. There’s proof that children played with them in 500 B.C. from a Greek vase painting. And the Philippine people used them for hunting during the 16 th century. The first U.S. patent was recorded

Order Tuff Stuff Vending Capsules today!

Tuff Stuff in Capsules Tough and trendy, the 2” Tuff Stuff Vending Capsules offer nine different chrome ornaments to vend in your toy capsule vending machine. Each vending capsule has a menacing-looking goodie inside. These hanging chrome ornaments include snakes, skulls, dragons, grenades, and other designs which

Disney Princess Decal Acrylic Rings Vending Capsules Available Now!

Royal Rings for Every Girl’s Finger Every little girl loves jewelry. Actually any girl, any age, loves jewelry! And these Disney Princess Decal Acrylic Rings Vending Capsules will make any girl feel like royalty. This 2” vending capsule mix has 14 different designs of the most popular