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Zoo Mania GIANT Capsules Are Coming

Pet Friends Giants on demand I’m a teacher, and with school about to begin I’ve been looking for new fun prizes to give out to the kids in my classroom. And now with the economy so out of control and the school districts cutting funds, teachers, including

Squishy Toppers Vending Capsules

Squeezable toppers are out Just in time for the new school year the Squishy Toppers Vending Capsules are available from . These squeezable animal toppers come in bright greens, whites, yellows and reds, and are perfect to for soft pencils, like those used in every classroom.

Old Vending Favorites

Old favorites return   Do you remember the jewelry you could eat? I remember buying it from the local market on the way to school. Well, it’s back! Candy Jewelry Vending Capsules are the same kind of fun edible bracelets, rings and necklaces that we munched on

Pokemon Vending Stickers and More

As a vending machine owner I’m always looking for different products to add to my machines. The latest exciting new products I’ve found are offered by . They are the Pokemon Vending Stickers and the Bands of Gold Vending Capsules. The Pokemon stickers include all the

Your Vending Supplier is Your Lifeline

Vending machine route owners know that getting the right machines and the right supplies for their machines are two of the most important aspects of starting a vending business. Choosing the wholesale supplier that makes it easy for you to get your business going is worth their

Go Green! Environmental Vending Machine Stickers

Everyone’s doing it – Going Green that is. With the shrinking of the ice caps and the pollution of our sky and land, going green is the politically correct way to go. You can show your support for the environment with Go Green Stickers from The