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Buy Vending Machines For Your Office!

Paging ALL Doctors’ Offices- You have just finished your visit with your smaller patients and its now time for the treasure chest. The kids love it and your nurses are over it. Right? We have a solution at . You can own your own 2” capsule

What is a Toy Capsule Machine?

What is a "capsule" machine? A Capsule machine is usually a larger machine that will vend the 2” capsules and often is part of a rack setup. This is great for giving your locations more of a selection as well as being able to vend higher priced

Fuzzy Face Mustaches Vending Capsules

Fuzzy Face Moustaches are a big hit at children’s parties, photo booths or just fooling around with friends. With everyone having cameras on their phones you can turn any area into a photo booth with a few dress-up items, hats, and Fuzzy Face Moustaches . I put

Buggyboos Vending Capsules On Sale Now!

What are Buggyboos? They are little Alien Bugs that are on a Mission.  These little alien bugs have a style all their own with crazy faces and vibrant colors.  The kids will enjoy collecting all 8 figurines. Each character has its own unique name and special mission. 

Order Xoddo’s Vending Capsules Today!

Xoddo’s are squishy Pencil Toppers that come in twelve scary or sweet characters.  The concept is great and soon to catch the eyes of every child around.  The way Xoddo’s works is to find a 1” or 2” capsule from the Vending Machine and scan the QRC

The LGM’s Are Here!

The LGM (Little Green Men) have landed! Aliens have always been popular and have gained more notoriety with kids due to recent movies and cartoons. is pleased to offer one of its newest refill supplies, Martian Men . This great mix of glow in the dark

Buy SpongeBob SquarePants Foam Balls!

Sponge Bob Square Pants Foam Balls are a self-vending item that vends for a $1.00. Sponge Bob and his pal Patrick Star come in a 51mm squeezable Foam Ball. There are 12 different funny faces and poses to collect from these crazy, lovable characters on the wildly

Buy Kicked-Up Lemonade Gumballs For The Summer!

Kicked Up Lemonade Gumballs- Kicked-Up Lemonade gumballs are just like buying a glass of lemonade from a Lemonade stand! These wonderful pieces of bubble gum taste just like lemonade. The flavors and the colors match; the light yellow is regular lemonade and the light pink tastes just

Mini Smiley Balls Self Vending Toys

Turn that frown upside down with our new Smiley Balls. There is just something about a smile. It’s a gift that is easy to pass on from one person to another and can just make someone’s day in an instant. Maybe that’s why Smiley products have been

Hematite Jewelry Is Available Now!

Hematite Jewelry is designed to look like the hematite mineral found in iron mines. The beautiful sleek black look gives any outfit style. has added a new hematite jewelry mix to its 1” capsules. This great mix has both necklaces and rings. The beautiful designs cater