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Miracle Rings Vending Capsules Available Now!

Religious rings available I teach Sunday School for about 30 or so 6 and 7-year-olds at the local Methodist Church. So when I saw the Miracle Rings Vending Capsules on candymachines.com’s web site I knew they were the perfect gifts for my students. Every month I try

Buy Finger Clackers Vending Capsules

Music to your fingers Kids love to make music, or like their parents would say, noise. And candymachines.com has come out with the perfect musical instrument for all kids. No matter how much musical talent they have or not, they will have fun making music (noise). The

Candy On Special For This Month

We have some great candy on sale this month at candymachines.com.  Let me tell you a little bit about what we have. We have our Nerds Rope Very Berry.  These are so delicious and kids love them.  They have a soft gummy middle and are covered in

Vending Machines On Sale This Month

At candymachines.com we are known for our candy and gumball machines.  With a huge selection to choose from, there are a few on sale right now. We have the Pinball Vending Machine on sale this month.  This machine is great.  It allows the customers to be interactive

Monthly Specials For March

It’s a new month and here at candymachines.com we have some really fun items on sale. Since March is the month of green, we have our Dark Green Sixlets Candy Coated Chocolate Balls as well as our Lime Green Sixlets Candy Coated Chocolate Balls. Following the green

Special Offer on Maroon Gumball/Candy Vending Machine!

At candymachines.com we are having a special offer on a couple of our vending machines.  One of them being our Maroon Gumball/Candy Vending Machine.  Standing only 15 “ tall, this vending machine is so sharp looking and would be the perfect addition to any office.  Whether it

Sweet Sounds of Music

Candeez Earbuds are one of the many fun ways to express your sweet tooth. With lots of styles to choose from, such as: Sugar Daddy Earbuds, Reese’s Pieces Earbuds, Double Bubble Earbuds, and many others. You can’t go wrong! They’re the perfect gift for any music lover

Year End Blow Out Sale!

At candymachines.com we are having a Year End Blow Out Sale! Which means you can save up to 50% off on selected items from now until 01/11/10 @ 12 A.M. or while supplies last! The items included in this special sale are the Gumball Coin Bank, the

5′ Spiral Gumball Machine on Sale!

Have you been looking around trying to find a gumball vending machine that is both attractive and fun to buy gumballs from? Well then, at candymachines.com we have a treat for you! One of our monthly specials this month is the 5’ Spiral Gumball Machine, I’ll tell

Silver Gumball Bank On Sale!

We have a lot of different specials every month. One of our hot products that is on sale now until the end of November is the Small Candy/Gumball Bank – Silver. It stands 9” tall and has a stylish nostalgic look with a silver cast metal base