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Miracle Rings Vending Capsules Available Now!

Religious rings available I teach Sunday School for about 30 or so 6 and 7-year-olds at the local Methodist Church. So when I saw the Miracle Rings Vending Capsules on’s web site I knew they were the perfect gifts for my students. Every month I try

Gonzo Mix Vending Capsules On Sale

Menagerie of Fun Toys The newest vending capsules on the market are filled with 30 different toys that are perfect for all kids. There’s something for the basketball fan, the hiker, the class clown, and the environmentally aware kids on the block. The Gonzo Mix Vending Capsules

Tomy Gacha Toy Capsule Machine

Looking for a unique yet stylish toy vending machine?  Well at not only do we have the common candy and gumball vending machines, but we have some very unique toy vending machines too!  One of my personal favorites is the Tomy Gacha Toy Capsule Machine. This

Refilling Your Vending Machine

Is it time to refill the vending machine?  At we have the largest variety of vending refill supplies.  With such a large selection, there are so many fun items to choose from. We sell some of the most popular capsules.  Pet Friends has been the biggest

Crane Vending Machines Are Entertaining

While vending machines come in all shapes, sizes and for many different purposes, one of the most popular with children is the crane vending machine. This is often called a toy vending machine or a claw vending machine. The purpose of these machines is to allow someone to put

Football Vending Machine on Sale!

Are looking for an awesome, affordable vending machine that expresses your love of football? Well look no further; at we have a great machine for you! We have our Football Vending Machine on sale all month long. You can fill this machine with sports related items

Monkey Madness Vending Capsules

Monkeys are madness If you’ve ever been to the zoo and watched the monkey’s antics you know that the old saying, “monkey see, monkey do” fits perfectly. The Monkey Madness Vending Capsules now available from include monkey silliness like the see no evil, hear no evil,

Crane or claw vending machines

People who have been in the coin-operated vending business for a while or even people who want to start off in a different area than others might want to consider investing in interactive vending machines, such as crane-operated vending machines, also called claw vending machines, since you

Everyone Likes a New Toy…

New toy offerings in 2″ capsules for April include:     All younger kiddo’s love the CareBears. They are great sellers for boy and girls and come in vibrant attractive colors, each with that cuddly distinctive baby-bear shape and little icon-painted belly. Every vend provides one random bear, and

Toy Vending Machines

Q. I am inquiring about purchasing some toy and candy vending machines and I was wondering if you had a catalog? A.  Our machines complete with descriptions and pricing, are posted on our web site.  Just click on the text and it will link you to a