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New Animal Capsules

Kids will love the new animal capsules that has to offer. Pencil erasers are all the rage these days and the Eraser Pets Vending Capsules are sure to be seen at every school.  There are 10 cute choices, from yellow and orange lions, blue fish, yellow

NFL Team Cups Capsules Are Here

I recently purchased these NFL team cups for my vending machine route which I have had for 5 years now. However, my husband is a big football fan, especially the New England Patriots. So before I was even able to put these in my vending machine, my

New Capsules Hit The Market

Halloween is coming and now you can select from a wide variety of new capsules that will make safe treats for children of all ages. Trick or treaters will have fun with the 2” Bone Chillers Vending Capsules. They can trick the houses they go to October

Baseball Caps Galore

My son loves baseball. It doesn’t matter which team is winning, he cheers for all of them. So, when he saw the 2” MLB Baseball Caps Vending Capsules in a vending machine at the pizza parlor yesterday he jumped up and down and begged me to buy

An Array of October Specials!

An array of October specials October is here and is offering a great variety of sale prices on products. There are 12 different gumballs on sale in tubs or cases including the Blueberry Blast, the Baseball – Tub of Gumballs, the Xtreme Grape Filled, the Yellow

Collect MLB Baseball

With the Major League Baseball season coming to a close in just weeks everyone will want to collect memorabilia of their favorite team. The 2” MLB Major League Baseball Self Vend Baseballs are the perfect choice for young and old alike. The collection includes not only 30

Super 2 Combo Machine Offers Variety

Super 2 Bouncy Ball Machine with 2 Barrel Machines. Great for any vending location, it gives your prospective customers more options than just a single product vending machine! Super 2 Bouncy Ball Machine vends 45 or 49mm size super balls, 2″ standard capsules, jawbreakers or gumballs. Holds

New Vending Capsules

New party capsules available My five-year-old son is having a birthday party next week and I’ve been running around trying to find some party favors for the 15 friends he’s invited. I was having a heck of a time figuring out what little boys like when I

Beat The Summer Heat

Soda poppers help beat the summer heat   The latest in summer time treats are Brach’s Soda Poppers Vending Capsules . Using the great taste of 7up, Orange Crush, Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer Brach has made this refreshing hard candy a flavorful must for the

Squishy Toppers Vending Capsules

Squeezable toppers are out Just in time for the new school year the Squishy Toppers Vending Capsules are available from . These squeezable animal toppers come in bright greens, whites, yellows and reds, and are perfect to for soft pencils, like those used in every classroom.