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Old Vending Favorites

Old favorites return   Do you remember the jewelry you could eat? I remember buying it from the local market on the way to school. Well, it’s back! Candy Jewelry Vending Capsules are the same kind of fun edible bracelets, rings and necklaces that we munched on

Pokemon Vending Stickers and More

As a vending machine owner I’m always looking for different products to add to my machines. The latest exciting new products I’ve found are offered by . They are the Pokemon Vending Stickers and the Bands of Gold Vending Capsules. The Pokemon stickers include all the

Patch Vending Capsules Are Here

With the start of school just around the corner moms and kids will be shopping for new clothes soon. As always jeans are “in” and there’s an easy way to stand out in a crowd of jeans by decorating them with patches. The Attach A Patch Vending

Power Putty Vending Capsules

The all day toy    It bounces like a volley ball, it stretches like a wade of bubble gum and you can poke it like silly putty. And it makes funny noises too. We’re talking about the Power Putty Vending Capsules. When you squish it with your

Mini Hardwear Vending Capsules

Youngsters love mini capsules, and can you blame them? They come packed with every imaginable toy. The latest crazy are the Mini Hardwear Vending Capsules . Kids can get their hands on handcuffs, rings, chains or skulls with red eyes. Be sure you order plenty to put

Monkey Vending Machine Capsules

Fun new capsules at the store Whoever thinks up the stuff to put in capsules has a truly active imagination. My kids had a ball the other day when they checked out the new capsules in the vending machines at the convenience store. My five-year-old daughter giggled

Monkey Madness Vending Capsules

Monkeys are madness If you’ve ever been to the zoo and watched the monkey’s antics you know that the old saying, “monkey see, monkey do” fits perfectly. The Monkey Madness Vending Capsules now available from include monkey silliness like the see no evil, hear no evil,

Stanley Cup Vending Capsules

Stanley Cup collectibles have arrived Every young ice hockey player in the world dreams of being on the National Hockey League team that wins the prestigious Stanley Cup. And with ice hockey gaining increasing popularity every year around the world the new Stanley Cup Hockey Mugs Vending

Homies Vending Machine Capsules

Newly released and in popular demand is the Homies Series #11 Acorn Vending Machine Capsule fill. This highly collectible series is now made for 75 cent vend for 2” vending machines. offers the favorite Homies Series #11 Vending Machine Capsules which includes 24 new Homies characters.

Flashy Fashion and Blackstone Jewelry Arrives

Flashy Fashion and Blackstone Jewelry Arrives Just in time for the new year has added new jewelry filled capsules for your toy vending machines.  If you’re looking for new items to fill your toy vending machines check out the Fashion Jewelry vending capsules and Blackstone Jewelry