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Get your Heads of Horror Terror Toppers Vending Capsules Here!

Heads of Horror Terror Toppers Vending Capsules Heads of Terror pencil toppers are here and man are they creepy looking! These are great for all those novice zombie hunters out there. These zombie head pencil toppers have 8 different poses to collect and trade with fun names

Hootz Pencil Toppers Vending Capsules

Whooo Loves Owls? Owls are so fascinating because of their mysterious nature and are most active in the night.  A group of owls is called a parliament. These Owl pencil toppers are fun to collect. There’s a special Glow in the Dark one. Collect all 8 and

Marvel Heroes Vending Supplies!

Comic book super heroes are making a comeback on the silver screen and straight into the hearts of a brand new generation of kids. is proud to offer Marvel Heroes Stickers or Tattoos for both your flat vending sticker machines and bulk vending capsule machines.  This

Splatters 1 inch and 2 inch Vending Capsules Available Now!

Throw it! Fling it! Splat it! Then watch it regain its shape! Splatterz balls are now available in both a 1” capsule and a 2” capsule. This fun little toy is great and gets a lot of attention when the kids throw the ball on the ground

Buy Ear Gags 2 inch Vending Capsules!

We all have a prankster in our group, someone who can make you laugh sometimes just by looking at them. has a great new toy for you to make them laugh. Check out the Ear Gags! They give new meaning to the term in one ear

Bobble Head Light Ups Vending Capsules now has Bobble Head Light-Ups in a 2” capsule. The bobble head doll ranges in popularity from sports teams to local celebrities and will be great in your vending machines. These great key chains light up and come in different colors and styles and are fun

Buy iErase Mini App Erasers!

iErase Mini App Erasers Capsules Made a mistake on your homework? Now there’s an app for that too! These fun little erasers are made to look like iPhone or iPad app icons and are functional for tweens, teens, and even adults. With over 12 different erasers they are fun

Buy Mini Flashlights Vending Capsules!

Mini Flashlights come in several different shapes and sizes and come on a convenient keychain.  The Mini Flashlights are ready for vending.  They are inside a 2”Capsule, and the mix consists of 250 assorted flashlights. Vend inside your 2” Toy Machine for 50 cents and make a

Buy Clear and Cool Rings Jewelry Vending Capsules!

Clear and Cool rings are a series of transparent acrylic rings that are beautifully painted on the inside. They come in all different shapes. The Clear and Cool Rings conveniently come in 2” Capsules ready to vend. will help you with all your vending needs and

Glow Rings for a very special occasion

My husband is very sentimental.  For our first year anniversary of dating he wanted to return to site of our first date – our favorite pizza place.  He can also be very spontaneous. After we ordered the usual fare, he wandered off to the fun zone vending