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Buy Ninja Fighters Vending Capsules!

Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting! Check it out! Fun little Ninja Fighters figurines ! These little guys are so cool. Each one of these little guys have their own personality and you can see it right away. Boys, girls & adults will all be kung foo fighting

Buy Martian Men Vending Capsules!

Martian Men Neon Series 5 For all you extra-terrestrial, space alien loving fans – There’s a new little space man in town! In fact…there are little red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple Martians on the scene. They are called the Martian Men Neon Series 5 and

NBA Finger Bands Now Available!

NBA Finger Bands For all the basketball fans out there, have you seen the NBA Finger Bands with authentic colors and logos? They come in 3 styles and are just like what the NBA Pros wear. They come packaged in a 250 count bag with all 30

Go Back In Time With Smurf Figurines!

People are always trying to relive their childhood and with these new toys for my bulk vending machine, I can. now has Smurf Figurines available to vend in your Tomy Machines and 2” Capsule Machines. These fun Smurf figurines are based on the 2011 movie but

Hello Kitty Capsules are Here!

In Japan, Hello Kitty is more popular than Mickey Mouse and she is taking the states by storm! now has Hello Kitty Crystal Charms available to vend in your Tomy Machines, or any of our other 2 inch toy vending machines. These fun little charms are

Order Puppy Pal Tins Today! now has Puppy Pal Tins available to vend in your Tomy Machines  or any 2” toy vending machine. These fun little tins each contain a cute little puppy to collect and love. There are 14 different kinds of Puppy Pal Tins to find! The tin can

Buy South Park Buildables!

Looking for something to vend for the older kids? South Park is an animated sitcom intended for mature audiences. The show has become famous for its crude language and satire of world happenings. The ongoing show revolves around four boys and their friends in a small Colorado

NFL Pencil Topper Helmets

NFL HELMETS ARE BACK Every year one of my biggest sellers here at is the NFL Football Helmets.  They are back with a twist this football season. They are pencil toppers! Now every kid can show his team pride will working on his homework. These NFL

Get Zombie Planet 2 Vending Capsules For Your Vending Machine

Corpses to Die For Ugly, scary, frightening, these are all descriptions of the Zombie Planet 2 Vending Capsules. And every male has, at one time or another, become fascinated with some of the scariest creatures ever. There are a total of nine different 2 inch figurines, each

Buy Eraser Vending Capsules!

Erasers, Erasers, Erasers!! One of the biggest fads these days are erasers.  Kids of all ages love them, and they collect and trade them.  There are some great eraser collections such as:  Eraser Mania, Dinosaur Erasers,  Eraser Cantina, Fast Food Erasers, Perfect Picnic, Rise and Shine, and