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Zombie Planet Figurines Available Now!

Scary Stuff– Ever since Zombies were introduced to western civilization in the 1920’s book “The Magic Island” they have fasinated young and old alike. Just the thought of animated corpses looking for victims and wondering the streets in the dead of night has put a cold chill

Order Hello Kitty Scent Charms Vending Capsules Today!

Sweet Smelling Kitties – Now you can combine two of the sweetest things ever, a darling kitty and your favorite scent. The Hello Kitty Scent Charms Vending Capsules do just that! There are eight individual kitties, each with a different facial expression. You can open the charm

Order Black Cherry Gumballs Today!

Truly a Sweet Taste- Unlike the tale about George Washington and the cherry tree, the Black Cherry Gumballs are truly a great treat for all your customers. This sweet taste was first cultivated in modern day Turkey way back in 72 BC. So although these gumballs have

Now Selling Freaky Geeks Vending Capsules

Freaky Figruines- The coolest and newest toy capsules that are bound to catch on are Freaky Geeks.  They come in 1” and 2” capsules and cost $52.00 and $57.00 respectively for a case of 250 capsules.   Collect all 8 figurines that include names like Knuckles, Skizzo, Stinky,

Buggyboos Vending Capsules Now Available!

Have you seen these awesome bugs!!!  They are called Buggyboos and boys are bound to go crazy when they see them.  They come in 1” capsules and are $39.00 for a box of 250 filled capsules.  There are 8 creepy bugs with names from other planets like,

Order the 11 Column Snack Vending Machine for your Office!

My office wanted to offer its employees snacks at a reasonable price. Looking around, we found an affordable 11- Column Snack Machine for $399 + shipping from It’s only 23 inches wide x 23 inches deep so it fits perfectly on top of our break-room counter!

Soccer Ball Vending Bouncy Balls Now Available!

Soccer Spirit– Growing up in my country, everybody is addicted to soccer.  I think it’s come to be part of our culture and daily life. I grew up loving the sense of intensity, watching how my favorite team would give it all out on the field and

Fill Your Machines With NFL Vending Capsules!

Are You Ready for Some Football? Football season is in full swing. Here at we love our local San Diego Chargers. We also love increasing sales with these great licensed NFL products. Grab a few for your machines while they are hot and in stock! NFL

Ice Pops Candy Now Available!

Ice Pops now in candy form One of the newest pressed powder candies available from are the Ice Pops Candy. These delicious goodies are shaped like real ice pops and come in a mix of favors like fruit, banana, cherry, grape and orange. Kids will want

Penguins of Madagascar Figurines and Sliders Vending Capsules!

The Penguins are Here Straight from the number two spot as the most popular animated program on television among children age 2-11, (The Penguins of Madagascar), the Penguins of Madagascar Figurines and Sliders Vending Capsules are now available from These 2” cuties come in capsules that