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Order Guns ‘N’ Grenades Vending Capsules Today!

Shoot’em up key chains The latest in key chains are the Guns N Grenades Vending Capsules , and they are sure to be a bang-up success in your toy vending machine that has a 2” vending wheel. Each capsule has a key chain with a pistol, grenade,

Buy Skittles Candy To Help With Homework!

Back to School with Skittles Math When I taught preschool, one of the challenges for my students was learning to sort by color and counting the items specifically. The other teachers and I would use Skittles to help the kids grasp this concept. You get a bag

Collect All 10 Eye Poppers Vending Capsules!

New Eye Popping Key Chains These wild animals come in green, pink, red and all sorts of bright colors. They’re like no other key chain you’ve ever seen. The faces look sort of normal, but the best part of the face is the eyes. Simply squeeze them

From The Internet To Your Vending Machines, Domo Figurines!

Domo Dresses Up He’s little, with a big scary red mouth full of shark-like looking teeth. But he’s harmless, he’s Domo. Officially the mascot of Japan ‘s NHK television station, Domo appears in sketches during daily shows. Domo also has an original English language series in the

Refill Your Sticker/Tattoo Machines With Bullseye Boys Vending Tattoos!

New Unique Tattoos These Bullseye Boys Vending Tattoos are temporary, and thank goodness, because they are enough to scare anyone. There’s everything from brightly colored flying eagles, scorpions, skull and cross bones, spiders with webs and more. Boys are sure to want all 10 different tattoos. These

Order Marvel Heroes Buildable Figurines Today!

Heroes You Can Build Boys want to play with their favorite cartoon heroes and now they can collect and play with Cyclops, Dare Devil, Wolverine, Dr. Doom, The Thing & Venom in the Marvel Heroes Buildable Self Vend Figurines. They’re great as gifts at birthday parties or

Buy Disney Princess Shimmer Stickers For The Next Party!

Princesses on Stickers- The other day I took my daughter to the local pizza parlor for her birthday party. She had invited 10 girls. Since we planned the party my daughter had looked everywhere for little gifts to give each girl, without luck. When we walk in

Lucky Ducks Vending Capsules For Your Vending Machines!

Pretty Ducks All in a Row- Who doesn’t love a “quacker”? The Lucky Ducks Vending Capsules are cute, colorful, and squishy. Plus, they’re ready for your vending machines with 1” vending wheels. These little guys are great for kid’s parties or simply to play with and share

Mickey Mouse on Stickers

Mickey Mouse was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and has been everyone’s favorite mouse since. As the official mascot and star in over 120 cartoons, Mickey Mouse adds his good circle of friends like Goofy, Pluto, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse and other great cartoon characters into

Stock Up On Chewing Gum!

Gum Chewing Reduces Cravings Are you trying to lose weight? According to a study done in Leeds, UK chewing gum between meals decreases cravings for salty and sweet snacks and could aid in appetite control for adult consumers. Researchers at the University of Leeds Institute of Psychological