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New Vending Items

Kids will want these new items I’ve been buying my vending machine products from for years. I see that they just added some new tattoos and capsules that I know the kids will love. What with the country divided about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

Jonas Brothers Vending Tattoos

New stickers and tattoos available The latest craze in tattoos for vending machine owners is the Camp Rock temporary tattoos. These tattoos depict young rock stars singing and playing guitars featuring the Jonas Brothers. The tattoos vend in most standard sticker or tattoo flat vending machines. They

Harley Davidson, an American Tradition

Few icons of Americana have enjoyed the success of Harley Davidson motorcycles. With the rise in popularity of motorcycling and particularly Harley Davidson both in the US and overseas, every thing ‘Harley’ is on a rollercoaster ride to popularity. The vending world now has a way to

Kat Von D Sticker Tattoos! is pleased to offer Kat Von D Sticker tattoos inspired by Kat Von D, tattoo artist to the stars and popular star LA Ink, a new reality tv show and spin-off of Miami Ink aired on TLC. people love these edgy sticker tattoos, so offer your