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Tomy Gacha Vending Capsules

  • NFL Buildables Bulk Vending Toys


    NFL Buildables Bulk Vending Toys250 Pieces per BagThey look like balls at a glance but Buildables are prime vending toys that you open up and build as figurines. They are highly collectible since each series runs for just a limited time. This particular...

Tomy Gacha Toy Capsules for Sale! Around these parts, when people think of capsule toys for vending, they are reminded of cheap 25¢ or 50¢ toys that weren't made to last. Gacha by Tomy®, a Japanese company and one of the major players in the industry is a whole different category. The Gacha capsules and the toys inside them are highly detailed, of top notch quality, and are most likely prized by collectors around the world. We are proud to offer genuine Gacha capsules that will work well with your Gacha Glow vending machines.

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