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Candy by the Pound

  • Vending Supplies

    Vending Machine Gumball and Candy Starter Pack


    Vending Machine Gumball and Candy Starter PackMix and match all our popular candy and gumballs to get you started with your first machine! (Includes Free Product Labels) Our Gumball and candy starter pack allows you to mix and match all the top selling...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Bonz Candy By The Pound


    Bonz Candy - By The Pound Delicious fruity tasting candy These colorful dog bone shaped candies are always a hit. The coating has a nicely finished sheen that will attract anyone's attention. They become powdery when you crunch into them. Each bone is...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Rascals Fruit Shaped Candy by the Pound


    Rascals Fruit Shaped Coated Pressed Candy - By the PoundFun fruit shapes match the vivid colors and exciting flavors in this candy mix and you'll find that these little rascals are meant to be rounded the mouthfuls! Fruit flavored candy tarts are...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Candy by the Pound


    Cry Baby Tears Extra Sour Tear Shaped Candy (By the Pound)They'll have you pucker up and cry for a minute, then smile again knowing that you have endured a flavor shock. These extra sour candy tarts are aptly shaped like tears. The shiny candy coating in...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Oh Baby Pacifier Candy By The Pound


    Pastel Pacifier Shaped Candy - By The Pound Sweet and tangy tasting candyMake your inner child happy with these mouth watering snacks. These delicious pressed powder candies are great for decorations, gifts, and games at baby showers. Their soft pastel...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Pucker Ups Candy By The Pound


    Pucker Ups Bulk Candy (By the Pound)Super fruit flavored sweet tart candy Pucker up your lips with this tasty and tart brightly colored candy. These candies may look all sweet, but put one in your mouth and your face will instantly begin to taste that...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Crazy Bananas Candy by the Pound


    Crazy Bananas Shaped Coated Pressed Candy (By the Pound)These bananas have gone bananas with different colors and flavors. The crunch of the candy coating and the variety of flavor bursts from the candies will have your guests eating these by the...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Polar Mints Candy By The Pound


    Polar Mints Bulk Candy - By The PoundA nice and cool refreshment. Polar Mint Candy offers a long-lasting refreshing taste. Smooth coating allows for a clean and easy in candy machines. Great to have placed in bars and restaurants. The pretty pastel...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Kaboom Jawbreakers by the Pound


    Kaboom Jawbreakers with Candy Center - By The PoundExplosive candy center jawbreakers by the makers of Dubble Bubble are bursting with flavor matched by bold colors. The color combinations in this jawbreaker mix make it a great addition to a candy buffet...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Flower Power Candy By The Pound


    Flower Power Vending Candy - By the PoundTasty sweet tart candies Spring colors year round with these cheerful and bright flower designed candy. Their alluring colors will grab anyone's attention. They're 3 dimensional and appear to have petal indents...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Bananarama Candy by the Pound


    Bananarama Shaped Coated Pressed Candy (By the Pound)Fun to pop in your mouth, they'll have you, na-na-na-na...Bananarama--the candy not the band. Perk up your dessert tables and loot bags with these banana shaped and banana...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Cotton Candy Bulk Candy By The Pound


    Cotton Candy Bulk Vending Candy - By the Pound Each bite sized candy looks just like cotton candy on a stick! These 3 dimensional pressed powder candies will be perfect for decorating your home, celebrating a birthday, or even just for snacking. Their...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Candy Blox Candy By The Pound


    Pastel Block Shaped Candy - By The Pound Sweet and tangy tasting candyMake your inner child happy with these fun and playful candies. These delicious pressed powder candies are great for decorations, gifts, and themed parties. Their shape and pastel...

  • Concord Confections by Tootsie

    Tootsie Tarts Candy By The Pound


    Tootsie Tarts Bulk Candy (By the Pound) Sensational sweet-tart candy with a fruity long lasting taste brought to you by Tootsie Roll. Comes in assorted light colors of red (cherry), yellow (lemon), green (lime), purple (grape), orange (orange) and white...

  • Oak Leaf Gumballs and Candy

    Mango Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (20 lbs)


    Mango Gummy Bears Bulk Candy (20 lbs)4 - 5 pound bags of Mango Gummy Bears.These Gummy Bears are Mango flavored only, perfect treat for a spring or summer day. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself!...

  • Zachary

    Cherry Coins Gummy Candy (15 lbs)


    Cherry Ju Ju Coins 15lb Perfect treat to satisfy your taste buds with this cherry flavor. Offer them in a candy buffet, at a birthday party, or keep them for yourself! These candies come packaged inside a box, and are sold at a wholesale...

  • Spangler Candy

    Circus Peanuts Prepackaged Candy (20 lbs)


    Circus Peanuts Prepackaged Candy (20 LBS)Circus peanuts have been a favorite among children since the 1800's. With the soft marshmallow like texture and banana flavor, what's not to love? Give them out as gifts or eat them on-the-go...

  • Roses

    Yellow Butter Mints Candy (25 lbs)


    Yellow Butter Mints Prepackaged Candy (25 lbs)Yellow Butter Mints are the perfect after dinner treat. Each mint is smooth and creamy with just enough mint to give your mouth a refreshing feel. Our prepackaged candies are ideal for on-the-go and make...

  • Prepack

    Giant Gum Drops Candy (12 lbs)


    Assorted Gum Drops Prepackaged Candy (10 lbs)12 / 16oz Bags per caseThese sugar-sanded gumdrops are a classic favorite in classic flavors: cherry, orange, anise, lime, lemon and pineapple. Specifications:Brand: PrepackWeight: 14...

You don't have to buy cases of our bulk candy, you can sample them by the pound! Mix and match your favorite colors and flavors. A pound here, a couple there...these smaller quantities give you more flexibility in assembling your candy or dessert buffets and loot bags or party favors.

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